So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 Top 18

Hey! This is AJ here again. Tonight, I will be blogging about the Top 18 episode that just aired. Once again, the video playlist will be up as soon as possible in a separate post. Last week, we said goodbye to Taylor 🙁 and Tatiana. Without further ado, I will share some of my opinions and hopefully you can leave yours below in the comments!


1 877 9 SPIN 0#s – Here are the So You Think You Can Dance Canada voting phone numbers once more. Results are on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7:30PM EST on CTV.

* Melanie M & Cody – Krump – 1 877 9 SPIN 01
* Tara-Jean & Everett – Salsa – 1 877 9 SPIN 02
* Kim & Emanuel – Theatre – 1 877 9 SPIN 03
* Amy & Vincent – Contemporary – 1 877 9 SPIN 04
* Jayme Rae & Daniel – Dancehall – 1 877 9 SPIN 05
* Corynne & Anthony – Paso Doble – 1 877 9 SPIN 06
* Jenna Lynn & Nicolas – Hip Hop – 1 877 9 SPIN 07
* Natalie & Danny – Jazz – 1 877 9 SPIN 08
* Melanie B & Austin – Smooth Waltz – 1 877 9 SPIN 09

My favourite dance of the night was the ever so memorable Contemporary piece performed by Amy & Vincent. Having worked with Blake McGrath before, I feel that the two dancers executed the dance to perfection. It had the star quality and technique all lined up for us to see. What is most important is not only getting the moves right or hitting them hard enough, but it is the emotion. The emotion that these two conveyed during the piece was absolutely breathtaking. I was literally on the edge of my seat trying to hold my excitement because I knew that this piece was going to be amazing. When it was over, I just wanted more. Amy was so in touch with her character that you just get mesmerized while watching her dance. She seems to be the best female contemporary dancer in the Top 20 for me this year. Vincent – a pure surprise. Listen – last week I underestimated him and I really thought he deserved to go home. He proved me wrong this week. I believe his charisma and good-boy charm worked well for tonight. It created much contrast especially with the character he was given. Kudos to him for portraying his character well and taking on such a huge role. As a hip-hop dancer, I know how difficult it is to switch from one genre of dance to another. With Blake, it’s another level. Vincent is one to watch out for!

Melanie M & Cody have excelled once more, this time beyond my expectations. This is why they are now officially my favourite couple. They seem to be getting the most praise and they do seem to be quite popular amongst the viewers who watch the show from YouTube or Myspace and even some of my friends on Facebook (although that might be because I keep telling people to vote for them! :P) In my honest opinion, I thought Melanie out danced Cody in this number. Despite being a hip hop dancer, he did not krump as aggressively as I would have liked him to. They are still so adorable! I cannot believe Taylor was eliminated last week! I really do not like the new Melanie B & Austin pairing. It doesn’t seem like something exciting or unique. To me, I just see two Italians forced to dance with each other. 🙁 Sorry, that’s just me!

Time to talk a bit more of my favourite dancers who are Melanie M, Jenna Lynn, Jayme Rae and Natalie. As you may or may not have noticed, I have replaced Daniel with Jayme Rae. To me, she keeps the couple out of danger and is the Red Bull of the two. I thought Jenna Lynn did great tonight. The judges said that Nicolas was better than her but I actually had to disagree. Jenna Lynn was superb, especially for coming from a contemporary/jazz background. She’s hilarious and cute too! Jayme Rae just stole the show for doing the dutty wine head spin and the creeping and just getting down and dirrrty! And can I just say that I’m glad to be Canadian?! WE’VE GOT DANCEHALL ON OUR SHOW! Hell yeah! And now back to Jayme Rae. Usually the girls don’t stand out as much as the guys but this season has definitely brought out the best girls from the country. I love when timid or technically strong dancers have to hit it hard and just get that raw street flavour coming through their dancing. It truly shows how much a dancer can learn and grow. Jayme Rae gets better each time I see her. Natalie Lyons – what can I say? Jazz for a hip hop dancer is quite a big leap. She gets extra points for getting into character and having such an intriguing chemistry with Danny. It is intriguing, wouldn’t you agree?

Last week, I was extremely surprised that none of my bottom 3 couple predictions came true. However, the ones that were in the bottom were definitely my next 3 and I was on the fence with some of my predictions. This week I foresee these 3 couples in the danger zone: Kim & Emanuel, Corynne & Anthony, and Melanie B & Austin. Unfortunately, Corynne & Anthony are just plain boring to me. I don’t see why both of them made it into the Top 20, quite frankly. Corynne is not the best contemporary dancer and I can see that she is trying but the competition is getting tough, and I just don’t see either of them winning. Emanuel, despite his popularity, does not seem to be as likable as the other contestants. I know I said this last week and he was safe, but I think this week will be it. If he is not in the bottom 3 guys, I don’t know who else deserves to be there! Kim is lovely but I don’t see her winning or getting very far either. She is far from seeming like a hip hop dancer, which makes her special, but I can’t seem to remember what it is about her dancing that sets her apart from the other girls or what is so good about her dancing. Melanie B, criticized by the judges quite harshly. I did not feel that she gave it her all. She lets her partners down, in my opinion. I think that’s the reason why she deserves to be in the bottom 3. I think Canada is smart enough to agree too. I also believe she should have been eliminated last week instead of Tatiana. Austin seems too much of a solo star for me. I don’t think he needs a partner. I’m not sure how far he will go .. but the girls sure do love him! So who knows?

Personally, I voted for Melanie Mah & Cody more times than any other couple tonight. Their line seemed to be especially busy. I believe we will not be seeing them in the bottom 3 couples tomorrow! 🙂 Cya then!