Wardrobe Rant – So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 18

There is much to rant about that wardrobe deserves it’s own post.

Melanie & Cody

The basic Black was good for Crump, though the vinyl coats were kind of too flashy

Tara-Jean & Everett

She looked amazing in the sexy purple fringe… and uh – what was he wearing? Heh Who cares 😉

Emanuel & Kim

Her knee-high garter get-up was sexy but contrasted his outfit.

Amy & Vincent

His make-up helped emit emotion. I loved this routine I paid very little to their wardrobe.

Jayme & Daniel

I LOVED this outfit. Daniel looked stunning in his hat and vest piece. Loved purple on them both, it was a perfect outfit for the routine.

Anthony & Corynne

the dress was suitable for the genre but seemed to get in the way more than anything. His sheer shirt also suited the arrangement but was a lil too sheer ha ha

Nicholas & Jenna

I loved the old school red jumpsuits. I hardly recognized Jenna with her hair straightened.

Danny & Natalie

The boy undies distracted me. Her hair looked dirty. I think she’s a cute girl, but she was done up horribly tonight.

Austin & Melanie B

Her dress was pretty, white, flowy and jewelled… every princess-girl’s dream. It was fitting to the routine and very angelic.