SYTYCDC 2 Top 16 Performance Videos

In case you missed it and have no idea what we’ve been yakking about, watch the Top 16 performance episode here:

Most favourite routine of the week: I couldn’t really decide this week! It wasn’t because they were bad, but none really stood out for me. If I truly had to pick, it would’ve been a three-way tie between Kim & Emanuel’s, Corynne & Austin’s, and the Hustle (unfortunately they were eliminated…why?!)
Least favourite routine of the week: Unfortunately, and surprisingly, I’m going to have to say Melanie & Cody’s. 🙁 Although I’m a huge fan of both, you have to admit, it was not just sloppy at times, but it looked awkward and juvenile through out the entire routine. I’m not going to say anymore! But thank goodness they’re both safe!
Most improved: Kim & Emanuel. I always used to think they were forgettable, but definitely not this week.
Couple to watch out for: Jayme Rae & Daniel. Jayme Rae is one of the best, if not THE best, female competitor in the Top 20. She is partnered with Daniel who can pretty much do everything also. To me, they are like Brandon & Janette of SYTYCD 5. I was not very fond of the pairing and them individually in the beginning, but as time went on, Brandon & Janette showed that they could rock ANY style and still have so much energy left and an uplifting smile that radiated across the stage. Jayme Rae & Daniel are similar. They are silent (somewhat) but surely deadly!
Style(s) I do not want to see more of: Contrary to styles I want to see, I do not want to see anymore Quicksteps, Foxtrots, and Jive routines…It seems like I don’t enjoy Standard International ballroom dance styles very much.
Least favourite dancer left: I’m sorry for being so negative this post, but they’ve got rid of too much good talent already. I do not understand why Everett is still there. I realize that he IS the only tap dancer part of the Top 20 but he just seems so bland. His dancing is often not memorable. To me, the only reason why he’s still there is because of Tara-Jean. 🙁