Paula Van Oppen Before SYTYCD

Another popular person from SYTYCD Season 5 that is back for SYTYCD season 6 is Paula Van Oppen. I remember there were a bunch of Paula fans that came on this site when Paula Van Oppen just missed making the SYTYCD top 20 in season 5. She has a nice fan following and for good reason. In case, you’re not sure who I’m talking about, in season 6 she’s the girl in yellow.

Time to take a look at some videos of Paula Van Oppen before being on SYTYCD.

This is a sweet little lyrical solo of Paula Van Oppen at 17 years old to the song Without You Hinder - Take It to the Limit - Without You:

Now for a performance from Paula Van Oppen at The Music Center Performing Arts Center Spotlight Awards in 2007 to the song Make Me Whole Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities - Make Me Whole – Amel Larrieux

Also, you won’t want to miss this interview of Paula Van Oppen. Sadly, I can’t embed it here, but it’s worth going to YouTube to check it out. It even has a clip of Paula singing in a choir. She’s been all over the place. Commercials, singing, sports, pageants. It’s crazy.

Here’s another nice one that was pointed out in the comments:

There’s lots more that I could post of Paula Van Oppen, but this is a nice beginning.

In case you missed Paula Van Oppen on season 6, she’s the girl in yellow in this clip and before you ask, the song she danced to is: “Stay” Katie Thompson - KT LIVE - Stay by Katie Thompson