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So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 12 Results Show

And now we are down to Top 10. The ten that will go on tour and perform across the country. I am happy with the Top 10 for the most part, heck I’d go see the Top 20 pretty much…. there were so many great dancers this season.

They opened with a very sexy piece from Luther Brown to Lil Kim’s “The Jumpoff”. I loved the leather cat suits the women wore and the body art on the men. Kim was featured again front and center, I didn’t care for her or think of her as a front runner but she is really becoming quite the sexy vixen of a front runner. The routine was hot and had lot’s of hip shaking, spanking and allure.


Kim & Emanuel – Safe (as predicted)

Melanie & Cody – Not Safe (NOT as predicted – SHOCKED!)

Corynne & Austin – Not Safe (as predicted)

Tara-Jean & Everett – Safe (NOT as predicted)

Jayme Rae & Daniel – Not Safe (NOT as predicted)

Amy & Vincent – Safe (NOT as predicted)


Melanie – Passionate, beautiful, predicted she’d make it on to Top 10 and am still shocked she was even in Bottom 3 Couples.

Corynne – Seemed a bit frantic, predicted she would be leaving even last night.

Jayme Rae – Her movement and lines looked great, I predicted she’d make it to Top 10.

Cody – a fan fave, had to make it to Top 10 though his solo didn’t seem as strong as I have seen him in the past.

Austin – he excels in his solo, so beautiful and passionate

Daniel – hard-hitting and very entertaining


Corynne & Daniel went home. I predicted Corynne would go home but had thought Austin would also leave, however, he always pulls out an amazing solo and stays, despite being in the Bottom 3 three times now.

Now we are in the Top 10 – It will be exciting to see what these amazing dancers bring… who are you all rooting for to win now?

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SYTYCD Boston Auditions Episode Music

Quick, catch that song! Missed it? Okay, I think I got it. Check it out:

Opening montage (outside in line): “Brass Knuckles” Living Things - Habeas Corpus - Brass Knuckles Living Things

Teddy Tedholm interview (whimsical bow-tie guy): “Smarty Pants” Phil Flowers and His United Family - Mama Feelgood: Vintage Soul Sides - Smarty Pants Phil Flowers & His United Family

Teddy Tedholm audition (and don’t forget the golf pants from his mom): “If It Kills Me” Jason Mraz Jason Mraz

Jean Lloret: “Wrath of Kane” Big Daddy Kane – Can’t find this on iTunes, but try “Boom,” Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & The Roots - Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Boom another song of his.

Kimara Wood (dred-lock guy) and a bit of Jean Llorent outside: “Touched” VAST VAST

Channing Cook (ice cream scooper) interview: “Rockaway Beach” The Ramones - Rocket to Russia (Expanded & Remastered) - Rockaway Beach The Ramones (thanks Mada!)

Channing Cook (she’s 18 and a “tomboy”) audition: “A Beautiful Mess” Jason Mraz Jason Mraz

Ryan Casey (tall tapper): I thought it was “The Hop” by either Kenzu or Radio Citizen (not on iTunes), but it’s “Stomp” Quincy Jones - Q's Jook Joint - Stomp by Quincy Jones.

Russell Ferguson: “Melt!”Flying Lotus - Los Angeles - Melt! Flying Lotus

Fabrizio Jenkins: “Woman Friend” Chromeo - She's In Control - Woman Friend Chromeo (thanks to Mada again – what a star!)

Choreography: “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) - EP - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) [More English Extended Mix] Pitbull

Montage: “Gravity” Nico Vega - Nico Vega - Gravity Nico Vega

Karen & Matthew Hauer (married couple): “She Wants to Move” N.E.R.D. N.E.R.D.

Gene Bersten (goes on and on about how sexy he is and his moves mesmerize the ladies) interview: “Sexy Boy” Air - Moon Safari - Sexy Boy Air

Gene Bernstein (opens the shirt, pulls faces) audition and also, later, Kevin “K-Bez” Hunte: “Boom Boom Boom” Black Eyed Peas Black Eyed Peas

Paul Magliato (isn’t this guy too old for the show?) interview: “Relax” Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome - Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Paul Magliato (46-year old in tights, yuck) audition: “Vida la Vida” Coldplay Coldplay

Montage: “Fire Burning” Sean Kingston Sean Kingston

The Tyce Diorio Dr. Evil montage: “Dr. Evil: Doctor of Evil” The Minus 5 Minus Five

Last song is called “Rise,” but I don’t know who the artist is.

Check out the most recent music from previous auditions here.

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Six Degrees of SYTYCD?

This season, we get to see if Ryan Kasprzak, brother of Season 6’s Evan Kasprzak, makes it to the Top 20.  It seems there have been a lot of connections between contestants in the past!   Here’s what I have so far — who else am I forgetting?  Comment below!

  • Season 1’s Nick was roomates with Season 1’s Melody
  • Season 1’s Ryan was in Sickstep Crew with Season 3’s Hok
  • Season 2’s Benji is cousins with Season 2’s Heidi
  • Season 3’s Lacey is sister to Benji and cousin to Heidi
  • Season 2’s Travis is brothers with Season 3’s Danny
  • Season 2’s Stanislav is brother to Season 3’s Faina
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Tetris Tutting – Phillip Chbeeb

Missing Phillip Chbeeb’s “handi-work”?  Check out this dance to the theme music from Tetris, created and filmed in less than 24 hours:

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