SYTYCD Canada Top 12 Choreography Critiques


Tara-Jean and Everett
Sean Cheesman
Theatre (Tap)

Wow a tap piece… OK- so I know it’s only the first piece in, but I seriously don’t know how it can get any better.  Tap is no joke.  The idea that Tara-Jean could pick up a whole new genre in such a short period of time is un-believable.  The energy was up, the lifts were dangerous and fast and perfect.  It was the most fun and pure performance that was just happiness on taps that I’ve seen in some time.  That piece brought them out of the obscure and into the spotlight.

Melanie and Cody
Melissa Williams

This piece was good, although I’m starting to realise that my idea of jazz isn’t what I think is jazz- because to me that piece was contemporary through and through.  Melanie is fantastic, she completely transforms for every piece.  I didn’t feel like Cody really stood a chance, his outfit was completely boring and un-inspired- but I loved his performance.  He was completely there for his partner and seemed much stronger than we’ve seen him.

Austin and Corynne
Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

I promise that I’m not just saying this because I think that Austin is amazing – but. Austin could have been in a paper bag and out danced Corynne.  Mia was correct – Corynne didn’t think that she was sexy at all; her moves were completely forced and totally unnatural.  I didn’t even notice that she was there the whole time.  Austin is flawless- he is strong and confident as a dancer and I feel like he is conscious of every part of his body.

Emanuel and Kim
Hip Hop
Luther Brown

I think that Emanuel caught the same disease as Corynne.  He was completely not believable.  This was probably the most perversely sexual piece, and I didn’t see it between Emanuel and Kim.  Kim totally out danced Emanuel and it seemed like she wasn’t even trying.  She is dirty and raw and just feels really organic in her sleazy-ness.  On a side note- the nose ring Emanuel?  Really? Emanuel just didn’t hit the moves hard enough – I think he needed a swagger lesson.

Jayme Rae and Daniel
Blake McGrath

I liked this piece, but I wasn’t as blown away the way that I usually am with Blake’s pieces.  I didn’t really get the story behind the story, and it bugged me that they didn’t use the stage.  But I think that my critique of this one is in the minority, because the judges loved it.  It was good, but it didn’t move me.

Vincent and Amy
Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

This piece was so high energy and was really quite complicated in the movements.  The thing that I liked about it was that Amy and Vincent made it seem so easy; like we could all get out of bed by doing the Jive.  The Jive is really hard to pull off and seem genuine- but they did that and they did that with an ease about them.