SYTYCD Season 6’s Vegas Week Begins!!

This is what I’ve been waiting for! Who are you looking forward to seeing again in Vegas? I’ll tell you some of my favorites and ask John and our other writers (and YOU!) to chime in with theirs. As folks have pointed out in comments recently, you can’t always predict who’ll get to the Top 20 or go to the very end when the auditions are over. It’s not always the best dancers who get the most camera time up till this point. And then – WHAM! – a Jeanine just grabs your attention and holds onto it. 🙂

Well, let’s see how we do predicting early favorites anyway. I’m going to try to limit myself to two dancers from each city.

Emilie’s Early Favorites List

L.A.: Mollee Gray and Paula van Oppen

Phoenix: Allison Becker

Boston: Teddy Tedholm and Channing Cook

Atlanta: Jessica Jensen and Thomas Hamilton (this one was pretty hard)

New Orleans: Jakob Karr and Diana Drexler

Salt Lake City: Hayley Cloud, Megan Kinney and Leigh Asay (I gave myself 3 here since I only had 1 for Phoenix)

I was a bit prejudiced in favor of the girls. Only three guys took my top slots. And there are 152 dancers going to Vegas, so as John pointed out, we’ve probably only seen half of them.

John? What about you? Who are your early favorites?