SYTYCDC 2 Top 8 Results Commentary

Wow! It seems like I have not posted since the last Ice Age. I hope we’re all doing very well. I have been so caught up (and fed up) with all the work that’s going into the last year of high school so that I can get my butt off to a good university, and just seriously ignite my life!

To start, I have to say that I am utterly gutted by who the eliminees were tonight. Cody & Kim were my favourite hip hop dancers ever on the show.

I believe that Kim should not have went home (for one – this is her first time in the bottom 2 anyway). It seemed so premature, although I know the competition is actually coming to a very quick finish in a mere matter of weeks. Kim definitely became my favourite dancer of the competition every since the Top 14 or so. Almost always begging for more, I never wanted to see her leave; I wanted to see her take the title. Her sexiness and hip hop skill almost seemed like it came effortless. To start, when it comes to professional female hip hop dancers, we are all very stunned and entertained due to the lack or low publicity of them. I insist like she is definitely one of the best. Kim shone through for me especially after she did the memorable Contemporary routine with Emanuel and the sepia lighting, choreographed by Stacey Tookey. Her individuality and fluidity in the piece was one of the best that night. Next, she stood out for me again when she was given the lead part in the Top 12 Hip-Hop group number choreographed by Luther Brown. Every performance after that, I watched my admiration grow for her more and more, until it surpassed Melanie’s! I was quite surprised as I almost felt guilty that I was not rooting for Melanie the most! I am happy to see her still in the running though! I knew she was going to go far for sure.

Cody was always a popular one. His natural charm came from his smooth moves and boy-next-door looks. Personally, his hip hop style actually seems easier to do for me, although it requires you to be exceptional at filling in the whole count and all the music (you probably have no idea what I’m talking about…hip hop dancers – do you understand? xD). I knew he was going to be eliminated very soon as he has been in the bottom for many consecutive weeks recently. I was surprised to see Vincent and Everett making it this far. To me, I still do not see anything that special about Everett, at least more than what I see unique about Cody.

All in all, I think tonight was a very emotional and shocking elimination. I would have to say that neither of these two deserved to go home tonight, and to be even more critical, I would never have had Melanie, Kim, Cody, and Everett in the bottom four tonight. For me, the Top 6 is seriously a tad disappointing. If the decision was up to me, Vincent and Tara-Jean should have been eliminated. It is definitely NOT an easy choice as all of the dancers are quite unique and amazing in whatever they do. Vincent & Tara-Jean have both actually improved a lot more than some other dancers (as the others just seem to have a more natural ability about them to either catch on new styles, or that they basically know the style already). Why do I not want them here anymore? Vincent has just been in the bottom so many times before and I feel like his solos are so repetitive. His personality is sweet but I just don’t see him as “Canada’s Favourite Dancer”. I don’t think he has a chance of winning, in my opinion. Tara-Jean, compared to the other girls in the competition is one of the weaker. I also don’t see the “it-factor” and the star quality that comes from her. She is a little bland sometimes. That is just my honest, blunt opinion!

Canadians showed immense amounts of talent and originality this season. We definitely showed our “buc” and wild sides. Hopefully, in the future, we can expect even more from our Top 6. Let’s make the Top 4 finale the best that the series has ever had – so PLEASE…vote (for Melanie)! 😛

Finally, I’d just like to point out, if you haven’t noticed yet, YouTube has taken down ALL of the SYTYCDC videos and performances due to copyright reasons. You can still catch the episodes, however, by adding the person who uploaded all of the videos, on Facebook: His name is Clarence Barber; He also uploads SYTYCD Season 6 videos.