Kourtni Lind in “Dirty Step Upstage”

I previously posted about an independent film that Kourtni Lind was doing called “Dirty Step Upstage.” We got the following pictures and press release from the show.

“Dirty Step Upstage” to premiere at New York’s Chashama Film Festival.

Chicago, Il, October 1st 2009 – ALM Talkies is proud to announce that the world premiere of “Dirty Step Upstage” will be held in New York City on Saturday October 24th 2009 as part of the Chashama Film Festival (www.chafilmfest.com).

The film has also been selected for a special screening during the Festival’s Opening Night event at The Tank, Wednesday October 21st 2009. 8:10pm.

“Dirty Step Upstage” is the directorial debut of Amber Moelter, who also wrote and appears in the film. Inspired by real events, it is a gritty drama about the price an aspiring young singer is prepared to pay for fame. SYTYCD Season 4 contestant Kourtni Lind, dances in the film.

The film mixes styles and formats to expose the underbelly of the entertainment industry. “It’s a celebration of music and dance as a means of story telling, as well as the impact of new media,” noted Moelter. “I believe that movies must be made in ways that are relevant to the world around us, and right now that world is shaped by digital media. My film embraces that revolution, and the dangers of people using so much readily available media to exploit each other.”

The soundtrack to “Dirty Step Upstage” features two songs performed by Girl In The Red Dress, who also appears as a character in the film. It is planned that Girl In The Red Dress will perform in person as part of the Chashama Film Festival’s Opening Night event.

“Disguise”, an EP of three songs by Girl In The Red Dress, has just been released and is available through iTunes (http://bit.ly/2W8Exh), Soundclick (www.soundclick.com/girlinthereddress) and other suppliers.

The chashama Film Festival will take place from October 22, 2009 to October 26, 2009 at the flagship chashama Theater Space, located at 217 East 42nd Street, and other theatres to be announced. For complete screening schedule and to purchase festival passses and tickets, please go to: www.chafilmfest.com.

Opening Night Tickets are $50.00 Tickets include an hour sunset cruise from Pier 84 on 43rd Street at 5:30 pm, followed by a private pre-screening party. Tickets for the Opening Night Party and screening of “Dirty Step Upstage” are $20.00. Screening tickets are $10.00. All tickets are available at: www.chafilmfest.com.