Something New for Season 6?

Nigel had recently tweeted about a new idea for this season of SYTYCD, a show that introduces the top 20 to America. He had said that it will be just a performance show, no competition just allowing the dancers to dance without pressure; the idea came from SYTYCD Australia. He also mentioned they most like will perform in groups based on their strength. I think he also hinted that maybe some tappers made the top 20…okay I have to admit this makes me excited to know that we may see some tap this season.

I actually like this idea. Giving all the dancers a chance to show America what they can really do and why they are in the top 20. Also it gives viewers a chance to see some of the dancers we didn’t see much during the audition process. Just something that I found interesting and would love to know what you think about this new idea…because I have a feeling it just might happen.