SYTYCD Canada Final 4 Commentary

Thousands applied. 200 were invited to Toronto. 20 made it on to the show. 8 grueling weeks of choreography, superb dancing, and a nation wide of votes. 4 contestants remain vying to become Canada’s newest Favourite Dancer. In only 1 week, we will be finding out who the grand winner will be…Who will it be? Will it be…

Vincent Desjardins

Vincent, 20, is a Ballroom dancer hailing from the small city of Trois-Rivières, QC. His charismatic personality and seemingly permanent smile have definitely dazzled the audience. Not to boast, but his slick moves and effortless “spring” legs have just guided him to the Final 4. With a rocky start in the beginning, Vincent suffered in the bottom 3 couples 3 weeks prior to the announcement of the Top 10. Although I am sure he was very nervous, he delivered week after week. He has truly shown that he is willing to learn, has a competitive side, and is not about to step down. He mentions that if it was not for his sister, he would never have thought twice about joining the world of dance. Look at where he is now! Vincent has grown on me so much, and especially after seeing him live in a recent taping. I believe that whatever he does, and wherever he goes, he will be a star to be reckoned with.
Cons: His solos seem to be a little repetitive. Also, seeing that he is a Ballroom dancer after all, he would feel most comfortable dancing with a partner. How will he cope with a solo career?

Everett Smith

Everett, 25, is from Glen Morris, ON, and is the only Tap dancer to have ever made it onto the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20. With a poor and troubling past, Everett uses his perseverance and mixes it with his passion for dance, and puts on quite a show! His feet seem to be automatic when he does his own thing. To me, he has improved the most. With Ballroom as the style he has done for so many consecutive weeks in the beginning of the competition, he rocked them all, proving that he will be a keeper. Everett shows no signs of backing down and I am sure all the ladies love him! Can he show Canada that as a Tap dancer, he deserves to be Canada’s first Tap dancing winner? We will just have to wait and see.
Cons: To me, I feel like his personality does not come across as too memorable or charming. Honestly, I have never thought of him making the Top 10, let alone Top 4! He is a surprise.

Tara-Jean Popowich

Tara-Jean, 20, hails from Lethbridge, Alberta. As the sole Albertan left in the competition, can she win over a province of votes, and possibly more? Tara-Jean is one of the best Contemporary dancers on the show with her technique, versatility of Contemporary dancing, and ability to portray a character. Whether it be Ballroom, Krump, or House, she always goes above and beyond expectations and constantly shows Canada why she made it in the Top 20 in the first place. Her bubbly personality and girl-next-door looks seem to be working to her advantage. She seems to be able to do anything! I have never seen her as part of the Top 4, but I am sure she will rock the finale and do a kickass solo as well. Currently, I think she will be the winner…and if not, at least the runner-up!
Cons: Her look and genre is a bit common in the industry. However, I am sure her versatility will carry her far. (Personally, I also happen to like Jayme Rae a lot more and I never really liked TJ. :P)

Jayme Rae Dailey

Jayme, 21, is a Contemporary dancer from Montréal, QC. She boasts some of the most intriguing and powerful solos I have seen from a Contemporary dancer. She also outshone her twin sister which is hard to do as they are both amongst the same level. Jayme Rae is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Week after week, she seems to be able to do anything. Her dancing is captivating, new, and inspiring. I feel like these are the most necessary qualities in a performer. Jayme Rae certainly answers the question as to who my favourite female dancer has been through out the entire competition. I have high hopes for her and I will be devastated if she does not take home the title. She deserves it, Canada! Vive le Canada!
Cons: She has ended up in the bottom 2 times in a row. I believe this is just caused by a few haters out there who may be jealous! 😛 Jayme Rae, to me, is the strongest dancer remaining.

No matter who wins, I just have to say, this has been a season worth producing and watching. The Top 20 was extremely hard to narrow down to already, and now we are left with 4, after a very tearful elimination of Emanuel and Melanie (who both obviously did NOT deserve to go home…but again, none of them did!). This will be SYTYCD Canada’s hardest decision yet. With the Top 4 finale performances less than a week away, be ready to be blown away, and of course…to VOTE VOTE VOTE!