SYTYCD Season 6 Top 20 spoilers!

According to Nigel’s Twitter, they just filmed the so-called “green mile” episode in L.A. recently (October 9th).

big kudos to our friends over at SYTYCDism, they’re definitely on top of their stuff.

**please note that these are spoilers**

These ARE the top 20 dancers for season 6…get excited!

-Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (breakdancing)
-Victor Smalley (contemporary)
-Billy Bell (contemporary)
-Ryan Di Lello (latin ballroom)
-Nathan Trasoras (contemporary/hip hop)
-Phillip Attmore (tap)
-Peter Sabasino (tap)
-Russell Ferguson (krump)
-Jakob Karr (contemporary)
-Kevin “K-Bez” Hunte (hip hop)

-Biance Revels (tap)
-Ashleigh Di Lello (latin ballroom)
-Pauline Mata (hip hop/contemporary)
-Karen Hauer (ballroom)
-Mollee Gray (contemporary)
-Ellenore Scott (contemporary)
-Noelle Marsh (contemporary)
-Channing Cooke (contemporary)
-Ariana DeBose (contemporary)
-Kathryn McCormick (contemporary)

among those cut
Paula VanOppen (she actually turned down top 20 for a movie offer)
David Hovhannisyan (ballet)
Brandon Dumlao (hip hop)
Jacki Ford (contemporary)
Trump Card (contemporary)
Amber Jackson (contemporary)
Alexie Agdeppa (contemporary)
Gene Bersten (latin ballroom)

my thoughts:
yay for 3 tappers in the top 20! it’s so cool to see them finally getting their shot! I was also really happy to see that both russell ferguson and kevin hunte made the top 20. i was floored when i saw russell during vegas week, sooo talented! and when i heard kevin’s story about the classes he took between season 3 and now and to see how much he has improved, i was totally inspired. I’m glad to see more ballroom dancers this season, it will be interesting to see how they do, since the ballroomers didn’t last too long last season.

so there you are!! thoughts on the top 20?!