Top 4.  Everyone has made their predictions so I may as well throw mine into the ring as well.  I think that it’s going to come down to either Vincent or Tara Jean.  But now I’ve probably jinxed them.

Final 4

The first piece was with all of the top 4- it  was a fatastic throwback to a sort of lounge act where the girls are gals and the men are fellas.  It was crisp and sexy and I loved it!

The boys:

Their hiphop routine was great as well.  Everyone is clearly really stepping up their game as we round the last corner on the competition.  Both the guys totally pulled the piece of.  Again it seems that everyone is peaking at exactly the right time.

Everett and Jayme Rae

This is exactly why I shouldn’t predict the Final 2 because after that performance with Jayme Rae and Everett- now I think that one of them might have it.  Let’s face it, Jayme Rae is so sexy when she dances, and Everett has this ease about his movement that is impossible to teach.  I’m confused again- but these two are just enormous talents on the stage.

Tara Jean and Jayme Rae

This piece was cute.  It didn’t really blow me away like I had hoped that girl and girl piece would but I guess I was expecting a contemporary piece and for it to be really moving.  Plus there can’t be any lifts or tricks when it’s 2 girls.  Although it could be fairly argued that those cartwheels in the heels were a feat unto themselves.  Still I was left wanting a little more something.

Tara Jean and Vincent

Disco is tough to pull of and I think that they got it about 90%.  It could have been a little faster- but all in all it was another great piece..

I’m looking forward to  seeing who will take home the prize-but they are all equally deserving.

Good Luck!