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Mollee Gray & Victor Smalley Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

These two were really goofy and funny. He had a Laurie Ann Gibson humiliating moment and she was more excited to meet Cat Deely than anything else. They’re bothย  nervous about ballroom and have a lot of confidence, but they don’t seem arrogant to me. More exuberant.

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Bianca Revels & Jakob Karr Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

This was a cool one, too. They both have great personalities and there was great chemistry between them. It seemed like a strange pairing to me at first, but really worked. She’s also Michael Jackson – influenced, and as we know one of three tappers in the Top 20 this season. He grew up playing sports and was in his first dance class at 11. They’re both nervous about Bollywood and getting the hand gestures wrong, thereby potentially offending a lot of people. And both of their best friends are SYTYCD alum (more 6 Degrees of SYTYCD).ย His is last year’s winner, Jeanine Mason, and you can see them dancing together in a video I put up earlier. Her best friend is Comfort Fedoke, the first female hip-hopper in the Top 20.

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Karen Hauer & Nathan Trasoras Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

Not that all the dancers aren’t attractive, but these two are insanely beautiful. I know it’s not likely, but it’d be great if they were a couple because they have great chemistry, look great together and I think they’d balance each other. She’s nervous about contemporary (dancing barefoot) and he’s nervous about ballroom – and those are their styles: she’s ballroom and he’s contemporary. They could be a great couple. Anybody else think so??

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Elleanore Scott & Kevin Hunte Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

These two were awesome together. Relaxed and funny. Elleanore’s parents are both dancers – a ballerina and a pop & locker (somebody needs to make that movie) whiel Kevin was influenced by Michael Jackson on the 1995 MTV Music Awards. Elleanore’s a bit nervous about partnering in general and Broadway and would love to work with Mia (is that going to happen???) while Kevin’s more nervous about ballroom and both Mary and Tyce as judges. Check it out:

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Kathryn McCormick & Peter Sabasino Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

They were so cute! I really hope this interview was before their photos where she was having to wrap herself around him because they seemed slightly awkward (in a good way). He’s Michael Jackson-influenced as well and her mom owns a dance studio – she’s been dancing since 3, with a break at 10 before she figured out dancing was what she really wanted.

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Noelle Marsh & Russell Ferguson Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

I think Russell started to steal the show, but Noelle got a few things in, especially near the end. He’s Michael Jackson – influenced and curious about new styles. She’s been dancing since she was 3 and can’t wait to get styles she’s uncomfortable with, so she can grow and learn. He’s not loving having his clothes picked out for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pauline Mata & Legacy Perez Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

Pauline used to sing. And I’m not a fan of Legacy’s, but he had a great line. “Every obstacle is an opportunity.” Good ‘tude, maybe he’ll change my mind.

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Ashleigh & Ryan DiLello Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

Ryan says, “watch out for the DeLellos,” and that they’re gonna be in the Top 10. Her favorite dance is the paso doble and his is the rumba.

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Ariana DeBose & Billy Bell Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

Oh my. I’m so in love with both of them after this video. They’re so funny and cute. Ariana is totally my new fav – I didn’t really remember much about her before this, so I’m really glad to see it. I love how Jeanine and Phillip’s Russian folk dance has put the fear in dancers like Ariana and after Billy said he isn’t sure how he’ll do with Paso doble, I just really hope he doesn’t have to dance it first. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Channing Cooke & Phillip Attmore Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

The “ice cream scooper” and “Ryan’s Fosse roommate” are both pretty chill in this interview. Phillip has something interesting to say about not making it previously and Channing is pretty funny. There’s a lot of Paula van Oppen in the background of the Vegas week clips. And catch what’s happening in the background while Channing and Phillip are talking. Peter and Kathryn (?) are doing photos and she’s throwing her leg over his shoulder. Lol.

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