Bianca Revels & Jakob Karr Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

This was a cool one, too. They both have great personalities and there was great chemistry between them. It seemed like a strange pairing to me at first, but really worked. She’s also Michael Jackson – influenced, and as we know one of three tappers in the Top 20 this season. He grew up playing sports and was in his first dance class at 11. They’re both nervous about Bollywood and getting the hand gestures wrong, thereby potentially offending a lot of people. And both of their best friends are SYTYCD alum (more 6 Degrees of SYTYCD). His is last year’s winner, Jeanine Mason, and you can see them dancing together in a video I put up earlier. Her best friend is Comfort Fedoke, the first female hip-hopper in the Top 20.