Top 20 Perform This Week

You probably already know, but I thought I’d put up an fyi post with this week’s schedule, since it’s a bit different (as this whole season’s schedule has been.)

Monday, tomorrow, the Top 20 will perform in a no-fear-of-elimination “meet the Top 20” special. It sounds like they’ll be dancing individually or in groups and/or couples that will not be their regular Top 20 couples. I can’t wait to see these new couples, so it’d be nice if they’d reveal them tomorrow. Tomorrow’s show is at 8 p.m. (7 central).

Tuesday, there will be a 2-hour performance and elimination show on Tuesday (also starting at 8/7 central) and the judges will do the dirty work of eliminating the first couple.

We won’t get a chance to vote for our favorites till the Top 16 on Tuesday, November 10th.

Care to speculate who the couples will be? Complain or cheer about not having to (getting to) make the first two cuts ourselves? What do y’all think?

In the meantime, I put up a music speculation post a while back and our reader Kelly added a significant and amazing list of music herself. Check it out and join in the conversation!