Top 20 “Meet the Dancers” show and Couples Spoilers!

On the eve of the “meet the top 20” show (an awesome idea I must say), I have uncovered some spoilers about the show and about the top 20 couples!

p.s. thanks to Emilie for putting up the schedule for the first few weeks of the show. additionally, and I cringe as I write this as an anti-Yankees baseball fan, thank the Yankees for wrapping up their series last night. If they had lost, game 7 would have been tonight instead of SYTYCD!

**warning, these are spoilers!!**

Meet the Top 20 Intro Show

opening group performance: Wade Robson! (so excited!)

Russell, Legacy, Kevin: Hip Hip choreographed by Nappy Tabs
–I love Nappy Tabs but am I wrong to wish it was Shane? A Shane routine with these three guys would be awesome!

Jakob, Nathan, Channing, Ariana: comtemporary choreographed by Tyce

Phillip, Bianca, Peter: tap
-not sure who the choreographer is, it would be cool to get Sean Cheesman from SYTYCD Canada, he did an awesome tap piece for finalist Everett and eventual winner Tara-Jean this season.

Mollee, Pauline, Ellenore: jazz choreographed by Sonya
-I kinda like this, it has potential

Billy, Victor, Noelle, Kathryn: contemporary from Mandy Moore
-yay Mandy’s back! Man, I didn’t realize there were 8 contemporary dancers this year!

Ryan, Ashleigh, Karen: ballroom from Jason Gilkinson
-he is the director and choreographer of the award-winning Burn the Floor, currently on Broadway with SYTYCD’s Pasha and Anya! He did pieces for Courtney and Mark and Katee and Joshua during S4 and routinely choreographs for SYTYCD Australia.

Top 20 pairings-they got their partners and their styles after the Meet the Dancers show (get excited!)

Phillip & Channing-jive
Nathan & Mollee-Doriana Sanchez (disco)
*Brandon & Pauline-smooth waltz
Jakob & Ashleigh-Tyce DiOrio (broadway)
Russell & Noelle-Tony and Melanie (foxtrot)
Karen & Kevin-cha cha
Victor & Bianca-Travis Wall (contemporary)
Legacy & Kathryn-Dave Scott (hip hop)
Peter & Ariana-NappyTabs (hip hop)
Ryan & Ellenore-Sonya Tayeh (jazz)

*according to our friends at SYTYCDism, poor Billy Bell has gotten sick and had to pull out of the show! They have replaced him with Brandon Dumlao, a dancer many thought would make the Top 20. Additionally, Noelle has injured her ankle and won’t be performing on the first top 20 show. Melanie LaPatin will take her place, like she did for Jessi during her cha cha with Pasha in S3. No one is sure what is going to happen at the moment.*

So the season is crazy and it hasn’t even started yet! what are your thoughts on the top 20 pairings?! The Legacy/Kathryn pairing is intriguing to me because it could either be really good or really bad. I didn’t see enough of Kathryn during Vegas to get a good sense of her dancing. I haven’t really warmed to Legacy yet, but we’ll see. I love Nathan and Mollee and I think Victor and Bianca is an interesting one, too. Brandon and Pauline danced together during Vegas and they seemed to have great chemistry. I also like the Ryan/Ariana pairing, the age difference (Ryan is 28 and Ariana is 18!) could be an interesting twist, I don’t think they’ve ever had a couple with such a big age gap (Ade and Melissa came close, he’s 20 and she’s 29, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal).

Okay, enough of my opinions, comment away!