Help with SYTYCD Music – Identify The Mystery Song

Many of you out there come to this site to be able to get the list of music used on SYTYCD. Overall, I think we do a pretty good job of figuring out the music from the show. In fact, we often get help from our readers in the comments.

Well, so far we’ve been unable to figure out a song and a number of people REALLY want to know the song and artist. So, I’m going to post a YouTube video of the song so hopefully one of our readers can identify the song for us. Here’s the clip:

Here’s the information from one of the commenters about the song:
The air date I can’t tell for sure because I’m watching the show in Europe and I don’t know if the dates match with the rest of the world. But I do know that I was watching the Las Vegas episode, and the song I’m looking for is the song that played at the closing montage showing the final solo performances. Apparently in USA the song was “Shot Away” by Pawn Shop. But in the Australia version it was different.

Ok, so can anyone help us out and identify the mystery song? If you do, you’ll be loved and appreciated by many.