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What’s Next for Mia Michaels

I just found this interview on about Mia Michael’s upcoming plans for three t.v. shows, a book and a clothing line.

Some of the highlights:

-Mia’s watching Season 6. She was sad when Ariana got cut and says she would’ve fought to keep Ariana in (actually, she says she would’ve fought Nigel specifically on that decision).

-She talks about hurting her back and how not being able to move is like “being in jail.”

-Regarding one of her t.v. shows, she says she’s going to be the next Tyra and Heidi Klum (which one commenter didn’t like so much…)

Take a look and let us know what you think!

November 3, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Top 18 Performance Thoughts

We still don’t get to vote this week – next week, we’ll get a full meal of SYTYCD – Tuesday performance show and Wednesday result show. I’m still a little glad that the judges are making the tough early decisions. We’ll see if they make the right one (unlike last week…)

Here are some of my thoughts from tonight’s show [SOME SPOILERS]: Read more..

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SYTYCD Top 18 Performance/Elimination Show Music

I can’t wait to see what phenomenal routines and music the Top 18 show brings. If you missed anything from earlier episodes, check out the previous SYTYCD season 6 music.

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 18 Couples Music

Jamal Sims tennis hip hop (Noelle & Russell): “Move, Shake, Drop” DJ Laz, Flo Rida & Casely - Category 6 - Move Shake Drop Remix-DJ Laz, Flo Rida, Cassley

Tony & Melanie’s wedding dance/Viennese waltz (Ashleigh & Jakob): “At Last” Etta James - At Last! (Remastered) - At Last-Etta James

Tyce Diorio’s filled with God Broadway (Bianca & Victor): “Maybe God Is Tryin to Tell You Somethin'” – from The Color Purple (not on iTunes, but try this versionĀ San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus & Transcendence Gospel Choir & Transcendence Gospel Choir - Oh, Happy Day - Maybe God's Trying to Tell You Something from The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and Transcendence Gospel Choir)

Nakul Dev Mahajan’s cinematic Bollywood routine (Mollee & Nathan): “Azeem O Shaan Shahensha” A. R. Rahman - Jodhaa Akbar - Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah-Jodhaa Akbar

Tony & Melanie’s samba (Channing & Phillip): “Maracatu Funk” Samba Squad - Batuque - Maracatu Funk-The Samba Squad

Nappytabs’ entirely unsubtle (and awesome!) hip hop (Karen & Kevin): “Ice Cream Paint Job” Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job - Single - Ice Cream Paint Job-Dorrough

Stacey Tookey’s contemporary “fear” routine (Kathryn & Legacy): “2 Steps Away” Patti LaBelle - Timeless Journey - 2 Steps Away-Patti LaBelle

Wade Robson’s Van Gogh’s torment jazz routine (Pauline & Peter): “Little Green Bag” George Baker Selection - Reservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Little Green Bag-George Baker Selection

Miriam & Leonardo Argentine tango (Elleanore & Ryan): “Violentango” Astor Piazzolla - Libertango - Violentango-Astor Piazolla

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 18 Solo Music
Read more..

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Quick Dave Tweedie (SYTYCD Composer) Update

I think most readers of this blog are fans of the music on SYTYCD. Many of whom LOVE the music of Dave Tweedie. In case you missed our previous post about Dave Tweedie composing music for SYTYCD, you should check it out.

Fans of Dave Tweedie’s music (and there are a lot of you), will be excited to know that Dave Tweedie and Stephen Bradley (He sang on Weight of the World – free download from Pure SYTYCD) have put an album of their music on iTunes under the name Chocolate O’Brian. Here are the tracks:
The Candle ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - The Candle
International ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - International
Sol y Luna ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Sol y Luna
Old ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Old
Beautiful Tomorrow ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Beautiful Tomorrow
Hero’s Welcome ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Hero's Welcome
Dr. jeckyll ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Dr.jeckyll
Spider and the Fly ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Spider and the Fly
Hitting the Wall ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Hitting the Wall
Oxidize ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Oxidize
Apple ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Apple

Thanks Dave Tweedie for keeping us updated.

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