SYTYCD Top 18 Performance Thoughts

We still don’t get to vote this week – next week, we’ll get a full meal of SYTYCD – Tuesday performance show and Wednesday result show. I’m still a little glad that the judges are making the tough early decisions. We’ll see if they make the right one (unlike last week…)

Here are some of my thoughts from tonight’s show [SOME SPOILERS]:

-Noelle’s back! (Darn, Ariana’s not coming back, but Noelle’s dancing!)

-Belly Bell gets to go to Vegas next season (and likely, from there, into the Top 20). Meanwhile Brandon’s gets to audition again (he has to audition again, but at least he gets a full chance at the Top 20 again).

-I’m so glad we get to see Noelle dancing again. Even though her Jamal Sims hip hop with Russell is a bit awkward, I still really enjoyed it.

-Damn – Ashleigh danced well again! I think I’m just going to have to get over not liking her cause I’m not hating her dancing at all. The first dance for a married couple if both are professional dancers. Lol.

-Making Adam a permanent job might’ve been the best decision anybody made this season. His comments are humorous and generally spot-on.

-I really like the chemistry between Bianca and Victor. Unfortunately, more than I liked them in that routine. They were entertaining, but I could understand the judges’ criticism.

-Nakul Dev Mahajan is one of my favorite choreographers recently. I hope he does more than just one Bollywood routine this season. Maybe they’ll let him do more bhangra/hip hop fusion dances. I loved Mollee and Nathan doing this routine. They rock.

-I love the personalities of Phillip and Channing together, but that was a complete mess. I agree with the judges utterly on that one.

-My mom thought Karen needed to be sharper in her hip hop with Kevin, but I think she sold it regardless. It was great. Loved Adam falling off his chair.

-Guess I’m gonna have to get over not liking Legacy, too, because that Stacey Tookey routine with Kathryn was amazing. One of my favorites. I’m very impressed to see them dancing so well together.

-I love Wade Robson. He’s so demented, perverse, inventive and creative. His routines always threaten to overshadow the dancers and their ability. But not only are the routines amazing and entertaining, I think they leave the dancers lucky enough to work with him completely changed. I’m excited that Wade got his hands on Pauline and Peter early. I loved the routine, I thought they danced it well – but more than anything, I think the routine helped polish them both for the rest of the competition.

-LOOOVED Elleanore and Ryan’s Argentine tango. Amazing! They’re a great partnership as well, bringing out great things in each other. I loved that Ryan said he thought Elleanore might be an alien. ;”) So cute.

-SPOILERS – Victor & Bianca, Noelle and Phillip in the bottom four! Just as Margaret predicted.