So You Think You Can Dance Judges

I need just a minute to rant about the judges this last week. Let me lead off by saying that Adam Shankman has been phenomenal. His comments have been interesting, entertaining, and spot on.

I really don’t think I have to say much about Mary. I think everyone knows that I don’t like her as a judge on this show. She just screams too much and doesn’t offer enough value. I don’t want to rehash all my dislike for Mary, but needless to say she was really disappointing.

The thing that has surprised me is that Nigel is starting to get on my nerves this season too. I think it’s a bit his arrogance about dancing and who they’re sending home. I think he really does care about the dancers and about dance, but it feels like the judge and executive producer power is going to his head a little bit.

On top of that for the first time in a while I was disagreeing with the judges left and right. They were lauding praise left and right on dancers that I thought were really disappointing. Usually when a performance isn’t very good at least one of the judges calls them out as not very good. Did anyone else feel this way about the judges comments?

I should also mention that I loved that Adam was willing to call out the choreographers for bad choreography. None of the other judges we’re willing to do that. Let’s hope we see more honesty like that.