*updated* Top 16 Spoilers!

Hi friends!
courtesy of Idolforums.com and our friends at SYTYCDism, here are the preliminary top 16 spoilers, I will update them as I find out more!

**spoilers after the jump**

Nathan & Mollee – Salsa – Gustavo Vargas?
Ryan & Ellenore –hip-hop-?*krump-Lil’ C
Victor & Channing – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey
Peter & Pauline – Quickstep – ?
Russell & Noelle – Afro Jazz – Sean Cheesman
Kevin & Karen – Hustle – Maria Torres
Jakob & Ashleigh – ? – ?Jazz-Mandy Moore
Legacy & Kathryn – Broadway – Not Tyce Diorio

most of these come courtesy of leaked pictures from the AP.
what do you guys think? I think this has the potential to be a fantastic top 16. gustavo, sean and stacey all come from SYTYCD Canada, and all three have choreographed some awesome pieces. Check my post on potential new choreographers if you want to see some videos of their work.

I think Russell and Noelle hit the jackpot, Sean is really good at taking the strengths of both dancers and blending them together, and hip hop dancers seem to do well with the afro jazz style (see Vincent and Miles from SYTYCD Canada season 1). Peter and Pauline may have some issues, neither of them is a ballroom dancer and the quickstep is tough. Ryan and Ellenore doing krump could go either way, but it definitely will be entertaining. The hustle hasn’t been done since season 3 with Lacey and Kameron, and they were a couple a lot like Kevin and Karen, they had done 2 pieces that really stood out, I think this could be good for them.

and just a quick note, when I write Afro Jazz, in no way am I trying to be racist or not write African Jazz. Afro Jazz is what’s written on the cards that the dancers pick from the hat, so I’m just writing what I see.