Letter to Cat Deeley

Dear Cat,
I absolutely adore you as the host of SYTYCD. You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re authentic and I’m a sucker for your accent as well. Needless to say I’m a huge fan. In fact, I think it’s a shame your name wasn’t on the list of Emmy nominations.

That’s why I’m a little sad to tell you that you have been just a little bit off this season. Othing really major. Just little things that you use to do so well are missing. Plus I think you may just be trying a little bit too hard. Yes, I know that this is the first time that SYTYCD has been on in the Fall. That’s a big deal, but don’t let the producers put unneeded pressure on you. It just makes things worse. I also know that it’s a new stage and so you’re probably a little out of your comfort zone.

Let me just give you a simple example. What was with that huge cheesy fake smile in the first top 20 show? Whoever told you to do that should be fired. It’s like they told you to laugh before each dance. It looked silly. Luckily you mostly didn’t do it in the next show. Little things like that just get annoying over time. My best suggestion is to go back to just being yourself. Quirks accent and all.

In fact, while we’re talking Cat, please stop having the audience say judges. We want to hear you say it. It’s one of the things that makes you so endearing. No one can say judges like you so please say it along with or before after the audience. That would make me espescially happy.

Don’t get me wrong my dear Cat. You are 100 times better than the other SYTYCD host up north. It’s not even close. I just want more of Cat. Not the produced Cat. The real authentic quircky fun Cat. That’s all.

Your fan,