SYTYCD Top 16 Performance Thoughts

I’m so excited for tonight’s show! Our first chance to vote this season. I wonder what will happen tonight to help us make this difficult decision.

My thoughts? Let’s put some spoiler space up…

-LOVE Cat’s look tonight. Pretty stunning (not that she isn’t always…)

-Wow, Season 5’s Top 10 is in the audience, it’s so good to see them!

-Lots of announcements about the Dizzy Feet Foundation special on the 29th. I wonder if this is going to be televised? But basically, everybody and their mother that we love to watch dancing is going to be dancing, including: the Season 5 Top 10, the Step Up 3D cast, Quest Dance Crew and the first recipient of a Dizzy Feet ballroom scholarship, 11 year old Fernando (didn’t catch his last name). Sounds like an amazing evening.

-Karen & Kevin’s hustle was really enjoyable. I was amazed with how Mandy Moore was able to transform that song (“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) into something funky and stylish. I totally got Nigel’s comparison to her “table routine” with Sabra and Neil. Kevin did look incredibly nervous with that “death drop,” but it seems like he’s pretty trained, so I don’t know why they’re consistently underestimating him. Unless it’s to give him a lot of credit.

-Ashleigh & Jakob’s jazz was surprising because I’m continuing to love their partnership. There were a few of those “oh crap” moments that Adam pointed out and it seems like Ashleigh’s movements are a little too studied, a little too self-conscious, but I’m enjoying her a lot more than I ever thought I would. Jakob’s great.

-I adored Pauline & Peter’s dreaded quickstep. It had so much personality, even if you could see some clear mistakes. I’m glad that they noted how well Peter did and gave Pauline due props. Mary was right that it was entertaining. And how gorgeous is Peter in that uniform? Sigh.

-No clue why the judges were so rough on Kathryn. I totally agree with our reader Christine that this routine reminded me of Jeanine’s breakout Broadway routine. It had a lot of personality and I was loving her the whole way through. I think only this combination could warm me up to Legacy so much and it’s great to see him growing so much. But let’s give Kathryn all due credit, here.

-Channing & Victor did a wonderful job, but I can kinda see Nigel and the other judges’ caution. However, it was beautiful and I liked seeing what they brought out in each other. I think they’ll be great in other styles, also. What do you think?

-If ever there was a time to call out a choreographer for a routine, it would be Lil C for that krump. I think maybe the judges were calling him out, but in a very subtle way. Too subtle. I think Elleanore & Ryan did a respectable job, but that krump was heavy and monotonous with the barest attempt at story and character. The song was awful and I don’t think Lil C cared at all about working with the dancers he was given. If he had a great routine concept and ignored his dancers in order to present it, I could almost understand that. But this was a really boring routine and I think the dancers did an incredible job given that and how far they had to go from their own styles.

-Oh no! Mollee has to be sexy! That salsa was awful. I love them both so much, so I want to believe that this is just a blip in their dance education. But oh no. Worst routine so far.

-LOVED the Noelle & Russell Afrojazz! My favorite routine of the night, by far. Wow. They were both so strong and powerful and beautiful. And yes, it had great character and story. And I really loved how after the requisite princess kissing the frog moment at the end, Noelle rested her forehead against Russell’s in this relieved, “we did it!” moment. It really expressed their partnership to me. I hope we see a lot more of Sean Cheesman and a lot of Noelle and Russell in the future of this show.

Be on the lookout for my Power Rankings coming soon for my final thoughts. And be sure to let me know what YOU think! 🙂