SYTYCD Top 16 Power Rankings

I’m gonna rank my most and least favorite routines first and then rank the dancers. How’s that about bang for your buck?

1. Noelle & Russell’s Afrojazz

2. Pauline & Peter’s quickstep

3. Channing & Victor’s contemporary

4. Kathryn & Legacy’s Broadway

5. Karen & Kevin’s hustle

6. Ashleigh & Jakob’s jazz

7. Elleanore & Ryan’s krump

8. Mollee & Nathan’s salsa (hate to do it…)

Whew! Now that I have that out of my system, I can properly address what I think the ranking will end up being tomorrow night.

Probably safest do a little spoiler space before I go into too much detail…

Top Three Girls Dancers:

1. Noelle danced for her life last week and tonight, she proved why the judges kept her in the game. She is a white girl who convincingly became an African princess and more than held her own in a strong and powerful routine, yet remained beautiful and feminine.

2. Everybody loves Karen.

3. Ashleigh’s grown a lot and had a memorable Mandy Moore routine with Jakob.

The Middle Two:

4. Kathryn did an amazing job and I’d love to put her in the top 3, yet I think that the judges’s disapproval might hurt her.

5. Channing did a great job tonight, but the judges passed over their achievement as expected. It’d be nice to see her and Victor pull something outside their style and kill it so they can get some serious praise.

Bottom Three Girls Dancers:

6. Mollee just might squeak out of the bottom 3 due to her enormous popularity and the strength of her previous routines with Nathan. Her salsa was truly atrocious and though I love her, I’m starting to doubt she’s gonna be able to grow as much as some of the other dancers already have grown.

7. I think Pauline did a great job, but may end up being in the bottom 3. Channing’s been getting more love from the judges. Kathryn could easily take this spot due to the judges’s comments, but I think she’s got more of a following than Pauline. Plus, Legacy was heaped with praise and it’s still voting by couples.

8. Elleanore will likely, unfortunately, find herself here after that wretched krump. Not her fault, though. She did a great job with what she had to work with.

Top Three Guys Dancers:

1. Russell had a great night with that charismatic and powerful Afrojazz. He’s the king, according to Mary, and on the tamale train.

2. Jakob is amazing, so he’ll keep his spot in the top this week.

3. Kevin had a unique Mandy Moore, so I think he’ll do well also.

The Middle Two:

4. Legacy was praised for his improvement, but it wasn’t his best routine on the show.

5. Victor wasn’t given nearly enough credit for his contemporary with Channing. Cause well, he just had to be great, it’s his style.

Bottom Three Guys Dancers:

6. Peter was charming and skilled in his quickstep with Pauline, but I think their early position in the lineup and Pauline’s lack of following might hurt them.

7. Nathan did his best in that salsa, but it was pretty bad. Despite his fan following, he might find himself here.

8. Ryan did an admirable job in an awful krump.

Who’s gonna Go:

Girl – I think Mollee’s safe. I think between Pauline and Elleanore, Pauline’s the most in danger.

Guy – Pretty sure Nathan will be safe as well. Which leaves me worried about Peter, who I love. He did a much better job than Ryan tonight (and was given more to work with), but Ryan’s a big judge favorite. It’ll come down to how they dance for their lives. If Peter incorporates other styles into his tap in an obvious way, he’ll have a shot, I think. All that said… I think Peter’s the most in danger, though I don’t want to say it.

Something tells me I could be waaaay off this time. Maybe I’m a bit insecure cause I have no clue how America will vote yet. Let me hear your thoughts. Am I dead on or way off? Who do you think’s going?