SYTYCD Top 16 Results Thoughts

I’m so excited that we have more control over the dancers’ fates. That being said…I have NO idea how this vote’s gonna go and it makes me so nervous. I particularly don’t want to lose Peter.

My thoughts, as they happen –

-Cat looks super dramatic again tonight, but is being more her charming, appealing goofball self again. Yay!

-LOVED Dave Scott’s Top 16 group routine. I particularly noticed Elleanore and Legacy and then, near the end, Ryan and Peter. And, of course, Noelle.

-Nigel’s being a bit petulant about America’s voting results and the judges not getting to eliminate who they want to eliminate. Hmmm…I wonder who they’re talking about?

-Adam’s pretty funny when he says, “I contemplated not showing up tonight.” Now, I wonder what he’s talking about. Stop being so coy, boys!

-Not surprised that it’s Elleanor and Ryan in the Bottom 3, but I am worried. I don’t want to lose Elleanor in particular.

-Dominic doing a K-Mart spot about dance moves – great! I suspect he learned a lot of his hosting skills from Cat, his favorite. ;”)

-Crap, Peter and Pauline are in the Bottom 3. This can’t be good.

-It’s down to Karen/Kevin and Mollee/Nathan. Just as some of our readers predicted, Karen/Kevin are in the Bottom 3, due to Mollee/Nathan’s enormous tween (and other) fan support. Karen is visibly pissed. I think both her and Kevin needed the wake up call to connect more with their audience, but it’s gotta suck to be in the Bottom 3 when you obviously danced better than another couple. HOWEVER, I do not think that Nathan deserved Nigel’s rant at all. I think Nathan made a light-hearted joke last night to diffuse an uncomfortable moment. I don’t think he’s going to ignore the feedback of the judges. Whether he and Mollee can grow in the short span of this t.v. show remains to be seen.

-The Alvin Ailey dancers were incredibly talented, but that was a kinda boring performance. I hated the song.

-The solos were all a’right, but not so hot. I enjoyed Peter’s the best, but had a sinking feeling that the judges would continue to believe that Ryan and Kevin are more versatile. It’d be really nice to if we could see how Peter grows on the show.

-Nigel’s going on yet another rant about how none of the solos were good enough. He’s got a point about how Season 5 and their Top 4 are still strong in our minds, but why does he have to be so aggressively whiny? “Listen up and shut up!” ? Really, Nigel? Really?

-Awww, Pauline’s cut. I would’ve been fine to lose Karen, but I’m glad we’re keeping Elleanore.

-SO devastated that we lost Peter tonight! That was not the right decision. I actually think Kevin should’ve gone home. I was so excited to see what Peter was going to do on the show. I’m gonna go console myself with Glee!