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Need Questions for So You Think You Can Dance Las Vegas Tour Stop

I’m super lucky that on Saturday I have the chance to go to the press event before the SYTYCD Las Vegas tour stop (Thanks Emilie). Watch the blog this weekend and early next week for pictures and video from the event. Plus, I’m going to try and stream some video of the event live on this blog using a program called Qik. I’ll try and post the link to the video before I start streaming. I’ll also send out a tweet to @tvblog when I start streaming live on Qik. You should be able to see it all streamed live at TVBlog on Qik. If you go there now you can see the test video I did. I think there’s also a way that you can send me questions live using Qik too, but I haven’t tried that functionality yet.

Looks like the press session starts around 3:00 PM PST (6 PM EST). So watch for the live stream during that time frame. Also, I’m not yet sure who will be at the press event (since they rotate who’s doing press), but if you have questions you’d like me to ask the Five Alive crew, then leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to ask them during the event.

Can you tell I’m excited? I’m a little nervous as well, but it should be a lot of fun and an experience to remember.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Season 5 Dancers Talk About the Fans on Tour

Here’s another great video of the Season 5 Top 10 talking about their fans and how wonderful they are. Waiting in cold weather for hours? Um, guilty. And while my mom didn’t exactly cry, she was very excited to meet Ade. Kinda hated Kayla’s tidbit, but I love the story that Caitlin and Kupono tell about Jeanine’s teddy bear Spanky. 🙂

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SYTYCD Twitter Round Up!

When we’re talking about them, they’re usually talking, too. About the show, us, themselves also. ;”)

Nigel (dizzyfeet):

11 hrs ago: Thanks for all your wonderful support. I’m glad so many realize that we are a professional competition and need to maintain credible results

12 hrs ago: I should not have told the audience to “shut up” tonight. Unfortunately their mindless catawauling got the better of me on that ocassion. [sic]

22 hrs ago: Two more dancers will be leaving us tonight. I don’t want any complaints from people who didn’t vote. I’m hearing you re. the new set.

23 hrs ago: The results are very interesting. I’m disappointed with one couple in the bottom 3 but not surprised. See if you agree on tonight’s show.

Nov 10th 10:16 a.m. : Season 5 tour in LA last night. The improvements in these dancers have made this show one of my favorites. Their comedy timing is excellent

Nov 4th 4:34 p.m.: @blakemcgrath we’d love that!

Oct. 25th 1:29 p.m. : I’m happy the judges decide, besides we know best at this moment. A couple of weeks more will help the public become better informed.

Adam (adammshankman):

11 hrs ago: Dance I’d who I am. That’s what Peter said. That’s how I feel. He’ll b fine [sic]

11 hrs ago: FYI: if Pauline and Peter move to LA they will work. They will work a lot. They are wonderful.

11 hrs ago: I held Pauline and Peter in my arms while they cried. It was horrible and we love them. It’s a competition show. It’s wt they sigh up 4.

11 hrs ago: No elimination on sytycd will be universally embraced. U hv no idea how hard it is to cut our kids. We lv thm. r job is to cut. Pls undrstn

Nov 9th 11:47 a.m: Sorry: the gala won’t be televised! One of a kind event! Get tix asap

Nov 9th 11:38 a.m.: Update: dizzyfeet gala on nov 29, dwts cast, sytycd season 5, Mary Murphy and demetri, qwest, the leads of step up (cont)

Nov 6th 2:36 p.m.: Dizzyfeet number coming together. Awesome

Nov 6th 2:12 a.m.: Great line up for dizzyfeet gala: sytycd dancers, dwts cast, step up dancers… So cool. I’m psyched

Oct 27th 9:58 a.m.: Watch sytycd tonight. First competition show. Very emotional already.

Travis (travISova):

14 mins ago: Getting my hairs cut!!! Then rehearsal with my couple

14 hrs ago: so excited about the couple i have this week on sytycd……like so excited!!

Peter (PeterSabasino):

Nov 11 12:15 a.m.: OMG….so tired from rehearsals…..But loving every minute of it. This cast is amazing

Nov 10 9:17 a.m.: Last night was amazing. 5 Alive was dope, Now Season sick is Hungrier than ever. We’re all gon Kill it…Love you guys! MWWWAH!

Billy (Billy_Bell):

1 hr ago: At the doctor getting another ultrasound… Hope I’m not pregnant!

Nov 9 3:44 p.m.: @PaulineMata perfection buy me some clothes while you’re out today;)

Nov 9 1:42 p.m.: @Paulinemata yell at @jakobakarr for not tweeting ever how is he supposed to function as a season 6er and not tweet?!?! haha

Nov 8 11:33 p.m.: @Jglove988 you arnt so bad yourself. I hope I see you and @jmanrara soon! I miss you guys! And I love you too @paulinemata

Jeanine (itsjeaninemason):

14 hrs ago: At the Clippers game!! random but I’ve apparently been in a basketball mood lately. So proud of my hubby @jakobakarr!!

Nov 10 3:01 a.m.: LA show was amazing!!! Oh and how can I forget! my butt decided to make a guest appearance during paso..I mooned 7,000 people, yippe!

Nov 8 5:15 p.m.: Heading to a taping of SYTYCD season 6!! Can’t wait to see all the crew and scream for the amazing talenttttt ahhhhh

Nov 8 1:11 p.m.: Had the best night on the G-Lounge party bus!! And was married to my one true love @alohakupono…choo-choo! Just got to Lala land 🙂

Nov 7 4:19 p.m.: Doing some press in Utah and then hanging out with the girls…I’m going to miss these smelly locker rooms

Kupono (alohakupono):

Nov 8 4:18 a.m.: PARtY BUS is AMAAAZiNG!!!! DeCORAtED the GuRLS BUS and transformed it into the LoVE2LiVE-LiVE2GiVE G-LoUNGE!!! I got a FoG MACHiNE ; )

Nov 6 11:12 p.m.: New FAVORiTE GaME is “NiNJA DeSTRUCTiON” minus the part where RANDi’S LiL’ SiS split my LiP!!!! YES… I was BEATeN UP by a GiRL : (

Nov 6 7:41 p.m.: RANDi’S HoUSE KiCkS ASs!!!! We’re sitting around a FiREPiT in her BACkYARD w/PiZZA and later we’re having a GoLFCART RACe!!! SO EXCiTeD!!!

Nappytabs (NAPPYTABS):

2 hrs ago: On our way to SYTYCD rehearsal!

16 hrs ago: Break is over! Workin on SYTYCD choreo now. This a FULL day of rehearsal & choreo!

20 hrs ago: Hey, forgot to give a shout out to all the SYTYCD tour dancers. Nice job, loved the show! Sorry we didn’t get back to see you, had rehearsal

Jakob (jakobakarr):

11 hrs ago: quality time with @channingcooke. love 🙂

Nov 10 2:18 a.m.: AMAZING night. 5 Alive tour show was incredible. So inspiring!

Nov 4 1:02 p.m.: Tweeting priveledges restored! Soaking up the sun with Ellenore and Pauline. Love

Noelle (iamnolz):

Nov 9 11:17 p.m.: wow! LIFE CHANGING! =D

Nov 9 5:15 p.m.: shopping with @channingcooke @paulinemata and Ryan and Ashley!

Nov 9 2:47 p.m.: @Billy_Bell I love you and MISS YOUUUU!!!!! =)

Nov 2 11:31 a.m.: I fell but I got back up =)… that is what’s important!

Man, I could go on forever with this! I’m sure I missed some fun/important/exciting Tweets, so lemme know!

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Nigel was So Out of Line

I was so dissapointed with the way Nigel acted last night. Seems like much of the Twitter world agrees with me. I mean seriously what was he thinking when he angrily told the passionate audience to “SHUT UP”? I try to teach my children not to use that term and yet he feels it right to shout it on TV in front of millions. Very sad indeed.

I can only imagine that Nigel is under a ton of pressure to make SYTYCD more of a Fall hit. Sadly it seems this pressure is leading to all the wrong results. I’m totally fine with him calling out the dancers when the solos aren’t very good. In fact, he did this a few seasons back without any problem. Yes, I know he apologized, but it didn’t sound very sincere to me since his tweet went on to talk bad about the audience some more. He should be grateful that the audience is so passionate about it.

Now to his comments to Nathan. This was a low point of the show for me. I guess I’m saying it made for some horrible television. I can agree with Nigel wanting Nathan to mature, bring more precision and improve his dancing. However, Nigel chose a moment that was suppose to be the happiest moment for Mollee, Nathan and their fans and made it one of the worst moments. It was just awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

In the past SYTYCD has done a great job of holding dancers accountable, but also still being very encouraging. I think it’s time for Nigel to have a break from the judges seat. He probably needs some time off work to see how arrogant and smug heaks become. I don’t blame him too much. I can only imagine his schedule and the pressure he’s feeling. However, if last night wasn’t a wake up call for Nigel, then nothing will be.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Blake McGrath wants to choreograph for SYTYCD!

Happy Thursday!
whew, what an intense results show last night. nigel was pretty peeved with the lack of “dance for your life” solos. he has since apologized for his comments via Twitter…want some good news?

as the official spoilers/behind the scenes guru here at Pure SYTYCD, I set myself up a Twitter account because a bunch of contestants (both current and past) have them. One of the former contestants I “follow” is Blake McGrath, he of the insane solos in season 1. I still can’t figure out how he physically changed directions that quickly, I’ve watched this a ton trying to get it, and I just don’t, haha. I checked out a Twitter conversation he was having with Mary, and it looks like he really wants to come choreograph! currently, he’s in canada as they begin auditions for S3 of SYTYCD Canada, but from his tweets it looks like he would love to come do a piece on the US show!


@HOTtamaleTRAIN hey baby! Its me blake. Let the kids know if u want some Blake sexy action choreod on sytycd us! RETWEET! Love u and miss u!

he’s also tweeted his interest to Nigel:
@dizzyfeet hey mr. I really wanna come set a piece for ur show in the states! Hope ur well! Xoxo Blake
Nigel responded that he would love it if Blake could come…

Blake has done some fabulous routines for SYTYCD Canada, and I’d love to see what he could do here.

what do you guys think?

p.s. an extra treat, Travis is back this week!
via his Twitter, Travsola
so excited about the couple i have this week on sytycd……like so excited!!

*update 11/12–looks like Travis will have a familiar face helping him choreograph this week: Jamie Goodwin from season 3! She and Travis have been friends for years, Travis’s mom taught Jamie as well as Travis and Danny (S3). They were also longtime dance partners.

John’s UPDATE:
You can see our full list of all the SYTYCD Twitter accounts. If you know of one we don’t have, please let us know and we’ll update the list. Also, even if you know nothing about twitter, check out this webpage with the latest tweets (messages) from SYTYCD Season 5 and SYTYCD season 6 contestants. It’s fun to see what’s happening with all of the various dancers in near real time.

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Janette And Jason Are Dating!

Hey, I just found this adorable video where Janette and Jason confirm that they’re together. It’s mostly Janette talking while she’s standing with Brandon, but there’s a great moment at the end with Jason and Randi. This kinda explains why Jason was so excited to go to Miami after Amanda and I saw the tour in Atlanta. ;”) Enjoy!

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