Blake McGrath wants to choreograph for SYTYCD!

Happy Thursday!
whew, what an intense results show last night. nigel was pretty peeved with the lack of “dance for your life” solos. he has since apologized for his comments via Twitter…want some good news?

as the official spoilers/behind the scenes guru here at Pure SYTYCD, I set myself up a Twitter account because a bunch of contestants (both current and past) have them. One of the former contestants I “follow” is Blake McGrath, he of the insane solos in season 1. I still can’t figure out how he physically changed directions that quickly, I’ve watched this a ton trying to get it, and I just don’t, haha. I checked out a Twitter conversation he was having with Mary, and it looks like he really wants to come choreograph! currently, he’s in canada as they begin auditions for S3 of SYTYCD Canada, but from his tweets it looks like he would love to come do a piece on the US show!


@HOTtamaleTRAIN hey baby! Its me blake. Let the kids know if u want some Blake sexy action choreod on sytycd us! RETWEET! Love u and miss u!

he’s also tweeted his interest to Nigel:
@dizzyfeet hey mr. I really wanna come set a piece for ur show in the states! Hope ur well! Xoxo Blake
Nigel responded that he would love it if Blake could come…

Blake has done some fabulous routines for SYTYCD Canada, and I’d love to see what he could do here.

what do you guys think?

p.s. an extra treat, Travis is back this week!
via his Twitter, Travsola
so excited about the couple i have this week on sytycd……like so excited!!

*update 11/12–looks like Travis will have a familiar face helping him choreograph this week: Jamie Goodwin from season 3! She and Travis have been friends for years, Travis’s mom taught Jamie as well as Travis and Danny (S3). They were also longtime dance partners.

John’s UPDATE:
You can see our full list of all the SYTYCD Twitter accounts. If you know of one we don’t have, please let us know and we’ll update the list. Also, even if you know nothing about twitter, check out this webpage with the latest tweets (messages) from SYTYCD Season 5 and SYTYCD season 6 contestants. It’s fun to see what’s happening with all of the various dancers in near real time.