Nigel was So Out of Line

I was so dissapointed with the way Nigel acted last night. Seems like much of the Twitter world agrees with me. I mean seriously what was he thinking when he angrily told the passionate audience to “SHUT UP”? I try to teach my children not to use that term and yet he feels it right to shout it on TV in front of millions. Very sad indeed.

I can only imagine that Nigel is under a ton of pressure to make SYTYCD more of a Fall hit. Sadly it seems this pressure is leading to all the wrong results. I’m totally fine with him calling out the dancers when the solos aren’t very good. In fact, he did this a few seasons back without any problem. Yes, I know he apologized, but it didn’t sound very sincere to me since his tweet went on to talk bad about the audience some more. He should be grateful that the audience is so passionate about it.

Now to his comments to Nathan. This was a low point of the show for me. I guess I’m saying it made for some horrible television. I can agree with Nigel wanting Nathan to mature, bring more precision and improve his dancing. However, Nigel chose a moment that was suppose to be the happiest moment for Mollee, Nathan and their fans and made it one of the worst moments. It was just awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

In the past SYTYCD has done a great job of holding dancers accountable, but also still being very encouraging. I think it’s time for Nigel to have a break from the judges seat. He probably needs some time off work to see how arrogant and smug heaks become. I don’t blame him too much. I can only imagine his schedule and the pressure he’s feeling. However, if last night wasn’t a wake up call for Nigel, then nothing will be.