Top 14 Spoilers!

What better way to start off the weekend than with some awesome news about next week’s show!

p.s. I will be posting Peter and Pauline’s exit interviews as soon as they’re available.

**SPOILERS after the jump**
– thanks to our friends at SYTYCDism (love the new site layout guys! looks fantastic)

Kevin & Karen – Broadway – Spencer Liff
I’m totally excited for this. Karen and Kevin both did well during Broadway in Vegas, and Spencer is a fabulous new voice as a choreographer. Scroll down to learn more about Spencer.

Ryan & Ellenore – Contemporary – Travis Wall
I see why Travis was so excited, I feel like these two are going to rebound from last week, this will be fun.

Nathan & Mollee – Pop Jazz – Laurieann Gibson
oooo i like this, if mostly for the fact that Laurieann doesn’t take anything from anybody. This is a great time for Nathan and Mollee to grow up as dancers.

Russell & Noelle – Fox Trot – Eddie Simon
Again? Please tell me I’m not the only one confused. They’re the first couple to repeat a dance style. Their choreographer did a smooth waltz for Comfort and Thane during S4.

Legacy & Kathryn – Paso – Tony Meredith
uh oh…this might be a trip-up for Legacy and Kathryn. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed though, these two are in my top 3 couples.

Victor & Channing – Jazz – Tyce Diorio
technique will be there, but will there be chemistry? that’s the million dollar question. Tyce is pretty consistent with his jazz routines, it should be a good one.

Jakob & Ashleigh – Hip Hop – NappyTabs
ah, I was wondering when this would happen. I picked them out in Dave Scott’s routine on Wed night because I had a feeling they would get hip hop this week. They looked good, we’ll see what happens.

some dirt on the new choreographer, Spencer Liff:
Spencer Liff Spencer Liff

I about died when I heard he was choreographing! I’m a major broadway nut, and Spencer has done everything from Cry-Baby (he tapped with license plates attached to his feet) to Equus (with Daniel Radcliffe). He was also in Across the Universe as Lucy’s boyfriend and Hairspray the movie (which Adam Shankman directed and choreographed) as council member Mikey. He received the 2008 Fred Astaire Award (a major honor) as the best male dancer on Broadway. Plus he’s only 24! He’s younger than Legacy, Phillip, Karen, Ashleigh, and Ryan!

here’s a link to rehearsal pictures from Cry-Baby, there are a bunch of Spencer dancing. Plus his article as “Gypsy of the Month” you can learn a little more about him.
Cry-Baby Press Preview
Gypsy of the Month
I’m embedding a couple of clips of Spencer:
1. the license plate routine from Cry-Baby (he’s the one in the front)

2. something called “Supertoon” that I found on YouTube. It’s about superheroes (I think). He’s the superhero in the navy blue tank top and pants.

what do you guys think?! this should be an interesting week, with virtually every dancer (except Ellenore and maybe Mollee) dancing out of their style.