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SYTYCD Top 14 Power Rankings

I just don’t know HOW I’m gonna do this. Well, before I do, here’s a break to protect the eyes of those who don’t wish to have the show spoiled…

Top Four Couples:

1. Kathryn and Legacy had the best routine of the night, in my opinion. Kathryn smoldered tonight in a well-rounded and strong way. She was amazing, both supportive of her partner and entirely self-confident and independent. She had a great routine, great chemistry with her partner and great dancing. Legacy really impressed me (and I’m sure others) tonight with not just his abs (where was he hiding THOSE?) but his really strong dancing. This routine had charisma and character and story, strong music and strong dancing.

2. Elleanor and Ryan had it all tonight as well. If any routine could compete with the paso doble above, it’d be this new memorable routine from Travis Wall. Ryan’s a strong dancer, but Elleanor is the quiet start to me. She dances so completely unique and I’m glad that Nigel pointed out how the choreographers feel about her. I don’t know if she’s as easy to forget as he seems to think she is. I love her.

3. Noelle and Russell have incredibly chemistry. While the foxtrot itself wasn’t the most unique dance, they danced it gorgeously and it was an utter joy to watch because they looked like they were having such an amazing time together. Only thing is, it was early in the night and not everybody loves foxtrot, so that may hurt them…

4. Mollee and Nathan deserved to be in the bottom 3 last week and definitely didn’t deserve to be this week. However, they didn’t have the most powerful routine. It was good, and exactly what they needed to prove they deserve to be here. Their popularity (and strong performance tonight) will continue to keep them safe, I think.

Bottom Three Couples:

5. Ashleigh and Jakob might fall under the same curse, having danced first. Ashleigh might’ve outdanced and outshined Jakob tonight, but I’m not sure she has the following that some of the other girls do. I suspect they’ll both be safe, though. And for the first time, I’m pulling for Ashleigh to stay in cause I’m curious to see what else she’ll do.

6. Channing and Victor had a great, breakthrough performance. I think the distracting song and the strength of the other routines might hurt them. Plus, they were the middle performance, so maybe they’ll be forgotten a bit. They don’t have quite the cemented chemistry and popularity that Mollee and Nathan have, so I think they’ll be here. I don’t think they’ll go anywhere. At least I hope not.

7. Karen and Kevin are in danger. Not only did all three judges call it, but they danced second and their Broadway was the closest thing to an “off” note we had tonight, the weakest routine. I personally enjoyed seeing Karen doing something besides sexy tonight, but I could see that there was something a little off about it. Kevin is my least favorite guy at this point and I think after their bottom 3 status last week, if they land there this week…

Who’s gonna Go:

They’ll be the ones to go. Karen and Kevin, I believe.

This only gets harder and harder. What do y’all think?

November 17, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Top 14 Performance Thoughts

The night I’ve been looking forward to has come upon us! The music was incredible and so were the performances! My thoughts follow after the break. I hope you’ll comment with yours.

-I’m liking Ashleigh more and more each week and I really enjoyed this Nappytabs hip hop with Jakob. I’m still not sure how Ashleigh would fare without a strong partner like Jakob, but I’m slowly becoming convinced that she just might hold her own. She was fascinating in this routine and really surprising.

-I enjoyed seeing Karen do something besides “smolder,” and I think it’s really inappropriate for Nigel/the producers to keep trying to box her into this niche. I was surprised that no one said “if *Kevin’s* friends could see him now,” before Adam that is. I really appreciated Adam’s comments. It reminded me why I’m so glad he’s a permanent judge. It was a cute routine that didn’t quite gel, but I thought they did a solid job and they both surprised me. It was cute when Kevin leaned over to kiss her.

-Loved the foxtrot! Not even so much for the choreography, though I think Eddie Simon did wonders with the two of them. They just looked like they were having an obscene about of fun together, which made it really fun to watch. Adam nailed it when he said it had a lot of “joy.” It was so hard not to smile along with them while they danced. And you really could see the improvement Russell had made and that will get him far–demonstrating that he can improve that much just in a matter of weeks when given the same style. And Nigel was right that Noelle doesn’t disappear into Russell’s shadow. They’re very giving to each other and they both shine.

-Channing smiled! She really seemed to be enjoying herself. So, apparently she just has to pretend to be an animal to visibly relax and enjoy dancing. 🙂 In her package, she said who wouldn’t want to be a cat and in this, she was a bird. This was really fun and I loved the movement they achieved and the “characters” of the curious, playful birds. Adam was right that the music was really, really distracting though. Not my favorite version of “Blackbird.” I much prefer the Dionne Farris version Cirque du Soleil - Kà - Pursuit that Kayla danced to last season. But their movement always pulled me back in when I got distracted by the music.

-WHOA on the paso doble! This may be my favorite paso doble on any season of SYTYCD. This was intense and sexy and soooo good. They had a little awkwardness at the end, with her wrapped around him, but this was just stunning. A really good moment for the two of them. It was like a movie. My impression of both of these dancers is changing dramatically, but Legacy particularly impressed in this one.

-I’m so sad I don’t live in L.A. after seeing that Dizzy Feet package. I’m so glad we got to meet some of the dancers the foundation is helping! But they need to figure out some way to enable fans who can’t make L.A. to see the gala! Maybe a Pay-Per-View release after the gala, or a DVD release? Come on, I’m dying to see all those dancers!

-LOVING Travis Wall!! He is incredible! He brings so much out in his dancers and he was *exactly* what Elleanore and Ryan needed after that disastrous routine last week. So beautiful and full. It was an entire relationship encapsulated in a few minutes and I thought they were both incredible.

-Again, I think Laurieann Gibson was *just* what Mollee and Nathan needed this week. They needed her crazy boot camp to get down to business and dig deep. I enjoyed the performance a lot, but it didn’t stand out as much as a few of the other routines. Mollee was a little sexy and she was definitely powerful. Nathan looked so confused at Nigel’s comments, kinda like, “He’s saying positive things, but he’s saying them in a really negative way.” I’d be confused, too, but I see Nigel’s point and I think he made it a lot more professionally this week. Still nearly made Nathan cry, I think.

-Cat was HYSTERICAL and adorable tonight. I loved it especially when she did a Travis Wall impression. Lol.

Keep your eyes peeled for my Power Rankings. Dunno how I’m gonna do this one.

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SYTYCD Top 14 Performance Music

So excited about tonight’s episode. Can’t wait to see what the dancers bring, what the choreographers bring, for us tonight.

Nappytabs hip hop (Ashleigh & Jakob): “Whatcha Say” Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say - Single - Whatcha Say-Jason Derulo (loooove this remix/song)

Spencer Liff Broadway (Karen & Kevin): “If My Friends Could See Me Now” New Broadway Cast - Sweet Charity - If My Friends Could See Me Now-2005 Cast of Sweet Charity with Christina Applegate

Eddie Simon foxtrot (Noelle & Russell): “Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)” Michael Bublé - Crazy Love (Deluxe Edition) - Baby (You've Got What It Takes) [with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings]-Michael Buble with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

Tyce Diorio jazz (Channing & Victor): “Blackbird” Bobby McFerrin - The Voice - Blackbird-Bobby McFerrin

Tony Meredith paso doble (Kathryn & Legacy): “Pursuit” Cirque du Soleil - Kà - Pursuit-Cirque du Soleil’s Ka

Travis Wall contemporary! (Elleanore & Ryan): “Your Ex-Lover’s Dead” Stars - Set Yourself On Fire - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead-Stars (I love this song, too!)

Laurieann Gibson pop jazz (Mollee & Nathan): “Bad Romance” Lady GaGa - Bad Romance - Single - Bad Romance-Lady GaGa

Find all the SYTYCD music here.

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Interview with SYTYCD Winner Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak

The following is an interview with Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak at the So You Think You Can Dance tour Las Vegas press event. Lots of interesting things about Jeanine and Evan’s experience on the tour and Evan admits to getting laid. Jeanine talks about the pulled muscle in her chest. Evan talks about his brother, Ryan, and what it would be like for Ryan to choreograph on SYTYCD. Then, they both talk about their plans for after the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Interview with Melissa Sandvig and Randi Evans at SYTYCD Las Vegas Tour Stop

The following is the second interview in a 3 part series. This interview was a lot of fun since I got the chance to interview the two married girls. They said this was the first time they’d ever been interviewed together. They were incredibly nice and it was fun to meet them.

In the interview, I ask them about having babies and being away from their husbands so much. They talk about the Kupono party bus and other SYTYCD tour adventures. Then, they talk about their plans for the future. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Phillip Chbeeb and Jason Glover Interview at SYTYCD Las Vegas Tour Stop

The following is a video interview I got to do at the SYTYCD Las Vegas tour press event. It was quite the experience for me. As you’ll notice I’m far from a pro at this stuff. However, I think I held my own for being a blogger. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the interviews (yes, this is the first one and I’ll be posting the other interviews with Melissa Sandvig, Randi Evans, Evan Kasprzak and Jeanine Mason throughout the day today.

In the following interview, I ask Jason about his new girlfriend (Janette Manrara) and his plans for her birthday. I also ask about Jason kissing all the girls during the tour. Phillip talks about his girlfriend. Then, they both talk about their plans after the So You Think You Can Dance tour wraps up. Enjoy the interview of Phillip Chbeeb and Jason Glover.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD on Twitter

If you haven’t seen this list, John has a great round-up of all the twitter accounts for SYTYCD contestents, judges, choreographers etc.


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