SYTYCD Top 14 Results Thoughts

We’re getting closer to closer to Top 10 and the big switch up, so this is an important results show. Especially after such an amazing performance episode. I’m mixed about these results…

-LOVED this group routine! I should’ve known it was Wade and Amanda Robson. Usually when I can’t look away, it’s Wade’s doing.

– No surprise that Karen/Kevin are in the bottom 3.

-Not surprised that Channing and Victor are in the bottom 3, but I am disappointed. This sucks. They had a great routine last night. And no, it’s not just that distracting song. They do have difficulty connecting to their audience.

-Wow, I am surprised that Mollee and Nathan are in the bottom, but I think this’ll be good for them. I don’t think they’re in much danger of going home.

-Nikul dev Mahajan and the Bollywood dancers are really good, but I don’t think this routine is terribly interesting.

-Karen’s solo was gross. I really, really did not like her leather pants or her performance.

-I wasn’t that into Kevin’s solo. It seemed kinda boring to me.

-I really liked Channing’s solo, but I’m still worried she’s not connecting to the audience enough.

-Victor’s solo was really strong.

-Wow, Mollee killed her solo!!!

-Nathan brought it, too. I’m glad they both hit it hard rather than acted confident they weren’t going anywhere.

-VERY upset they sent Channing home rather than Karen. I get that Channing’s not connecting to her audience or her partner, but I was looking forward to seeing how she did in a different partnership.

-Though, we have seen Channing in 2 partnerships and Karen in just one, so maybe she and Victor will be strong together. I am kinda curious, I have to admit. What do y’all think?