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Nigel Stop Messing with My Blondes

Many of you don’t probably realize that I first started blogging about SYTYCD in the second season. That makes this my fifth season writing about (and obsessing to at least some extent) SYTYCD. Plus you probably also don’t realize that I started blogging about SYTYCD by accident.

Well it’s true. My very first post about SYTYCD was on my blog called Smuggle Me (which I still blog on today). As you can tell from the name of the blog my intent wasn’t to write about SYTYCD. I was really just trying to learn what it meant to blog. However, I was entranced by a blonde girl named Heidi who gave everything she had in every dance on SYTYCD. Yes, Heidi was my first motivation to post about SYTYCD.

Well, let’s just say that I think that was the beginning of a very good thing. Heidi was my first and likely my all time favorite contestant on SYTYCD. Then, in season 4 my favorite just happened to be the amazing Kherington Payne. She was nothing but extraordinary in my book. Season 5 favorites of mine include Kayla and Caitlin (not in that order). Yes, and in season 6 Channing was my favorite dancer. In case you haven’t noticed, it seems like I have a thing for blonde dancers.

On Twitter, I was called out for just liking the blonde hair. My only argument against that is that I don’t like all blonde girls. Just those that are attractive blonde girls that can dance unbelievably well.

Does that make me bias? Absolutely. Is that a problem? I don’t think so. Everyone has their own biases. This is mine.

With that said, let me say something very unbiased. Nigel, stop messing with my blondes. Channing should have stayed much longer. Readers of this site will suffer thanks to you sending my motivation home so early;-)

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Channing and Kevin’s “Signature Moves”

We just said goodbye to Channing and Kevin, but I thought I’d post their “signature moves” from the SYTYCD website. I like both of the moves, and Kevin shows some personality! It would have been fun to see these two continue to grow out the show, but I have no doubt they have big careers ahead of them.



I’ll post their exit interviews when they become available, hopefully it will be soon!

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SYTYCD Season 5’s “G Lounge”

Here’s a great video about Season 5’s “G Lounge” that Kupono hooked up for Five Alive so they could kick back on tour. They talked about this in John’s videos, as well.

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Dave Scott Talking About The Warrior Group Routine

Here’s a video that I saw with Dave Scott talking about that awesome group routine he choreographed for the Top 16. I like him a lot – can’t wait to see what he does next on the show!

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Pauline And Peter’s SYTYCD Exit Video

It was posted late, but here it is finally. I’m gonna miss Peter especially, but I enjoyed Pauline a lot as well.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Nigel and Mary talking about the show. Mostly it’s Nigel complaining about Nathan not being in the Bottom 3, so watch at your own risk. Your blood pressure may rise. 🙂

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