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The Karen versus Ellenore Debate

I’m not sure how many readers realize that there are a half dozen people who contribute to this site. You can see who wrote what at the top of each post. The cool part is that we don’t always agree on what happens on the show. Here’s one such example of a disagreement Emilie and I had over IM after tonight’s results:
john 10:53 pm
i wish ellenore was gone and not karen
karen would be more interesting on tour
emilie 10:54 pm
i thought you liked ellenore
i don’t think so. you’re so wrong.
john 10:54 pm
i also can’t help but wonder how ellenore’s family background might have affected the judges
emilie 10:54 pm
she’s AMAZING!!!
she has so much personality
john 10:54 pm
i don’t really dislike her…just not a huge fan
emilie 10:54 pm
john 10:54 pm
plus we have enough of her style on tour
emilie 10:54 pm
no we don’t!!!!!
she is SO unique
no one dances like her.
john 10:54 pm
well, it’s not like i dislike ellenore. I like her, but I would have just preferred karen on tour

Of course, emilie wants to be validated;-) So, here’s a poll for you to vote on who you’d prefer to see on the SYTYCD season 6 tour (since the SYTYCD top 10 get to go on tour usually):

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD Top 12 Results Music

Since both John and I are traveling this week, this took some investigation. Enjoy. 🙂

Top 12 Nappytabs group routine: “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?” Basement Jaxx - Scars (Bonus Track Version) - What's a Girl Gotta Do? (feat. Paloma Faith) -Basement Jaxx ft. Paloma Faith

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 12 Solo Music

Karen danced for her life to “She Wants to Dance” N.E.R.D. - Fly or Die - She Wants to Move by N.E.R.D.
Victor danced for his life to “Village Attack” <James Newton Howard - Blood Diamond - Village Attack by James Newton Howard
Mollee danced for her life to “Bulletproof” by either La Roux La Roux - La Roux (Bonus Track Version) - Bulletproof
Nathan danced for his life to “Going Going Gone (Live)” Stars - Sad Robots - EP - Going, Going, Gone (Live) by Stars
Elleanore danced for her life to “Bottom” Zap Mama - Adventures in Afropea 1: Zap Mama - Bottom by Zap Mama
Ryan danced for his life to “Baila Balia Conmigo” Missiego - Baila Habibi, Vol. 3 - Baila, Baila Conmigo by Missiego

Shakira sang “Give It Up To Me” Shakira - She Wolf (Deluxe Version) - Give It Up to Me

SYTYCD Season 6 Farewell Montage Music
Karen is sent home: “Never Say Never” The Fray - The Fray - Never Say Never-The Fray
Victor is sent home: “Where It Ends” 16 Frames - Where It Ends - Where It Ends-16 Frames

Find all the other SYTYCD music here.

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Something About Ashleigh and Karen

I had to miss last night’s show, unfortunately. But today, I found out a friend of mine, Toni McGee Causey, is a SYTYCD fan and had tvo’d the show. She was gracious enough to let me come over and watch it.

She poked her head in at one point and I said that Kathryn is probably my favorite female dancer at the moment and we talked about the two dances she and Legacy had last night. Then, I said that Ashleigh was growing on me, which I never would have thought when she got into the Top 20. And Toni, who’s a lady who knows a lot about a lot of things, blew me away with her theory about why Ashleigh is growing so steadily on people.

“It’s her lipstick,” she said.

“What???!” I said.

“She used to wear harsh, bright red lipstick and now she wears a lighter, pinker shade. She switched the same week the criticism turned in her favor. And she’s stayed with the more gentle lipstick and makeup ever since. Her approval has grown each week. ” **

And you know what?? I think she’s right!! Check out these two pics that I found here (scroll down almost to the bottom of the page if you click through).


It kinda does make a difference, doesn’t it? It’s not the *only* difference. Toni also pointed out that she mostly stopped referring to Ryan. Plus, she’s been able to demonstrate her strengths and grow a lot in her partnership with Jakob.

After that startling revelation, I mentioned that Karen was kinda like Ashleigh’s foil in my mind. The other “married lady,” I had once liked her a lot, but not so much anymore. Toni pointed out that she’s in an impossible position. Not only is she going through a divorce and pursuing her dream in an intense, highly public way, but she’s also having to deal with Nigel’s pervy comments and his insistance on making her The Sexy One. She’s kinda in a no-win situation. If she follows through with the sexy, she’s riding that and the focus is drawn away from her dance. If she’s not sexy, she gets a backlash for it and STILL the focus is not on her dancing.

Which I think is really insightful and I really feel for Karen because of all that she must be going through (Noelle and Mollee have both been injured and that’s been mentioned and they constantly mention that Russell’s a “street dancer” and Legacy’s a “B boy,” yet Karen’s divorce has only been mentioned once. No sympathy votes there, which I respect). Yet…she’s my least favorite dancer at the moment. I didn’t appreciate her face when she and Kevin were in the bottom 3 rather than Mollee and Nathan. Yeah, it’s tough. She’s in front of millions of people and you can’t always control your reactions. Every time Nigel’s about to give her feedback, you can see her bracing herself for pervyness. Which really sucks. I wish Nigel would stop. It might have cost Karen some of our approval, unfortunately.

So it’s interesting to me how these two have kind of traded places in my affections and that makeup and Nigel’s “sexy” label might have in some way accounted for it. What do y’all think?

I have to miss tonight’s show too. :'( Maybe Toni will let me come by soon and see it…

** Not actual quotes. Toni and I are both fiction writers, as well as screenwriters. I think she’ll allow me the liberty of creating dialogue that’s similar to, but not exactly, what she said.

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So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Top 12 Music

Sorry that this is getting posted a little late. Both Emilie and I are traveling right now. Plus, I had issues last night at the hotel I’m staying at. Better late than never I guess. Hopefully you’ll all be forgiving. Here’s the list of music from the SYTYCD 2009 top 12:

Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello danced a Lindy Hop to the song “I’ve Got To Be a Rug Cutter” Boilermaker Jazz Band - You Do Something to Me - I've Got to Be a Rug Cutter—The Boilermaker Jazz Band choreographed by Carla Heiney
Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello danced a Broadway to the song “Razzle Dazzle” Richard Gere - Chicago - Razzle Dazzle from Chicago choreographed by Spencer Liff
Kathryn McCormick and Jonathan “Legacy” Perez danced a Jazz to the song “So Deep” Hot Chip - So Deep - Single - So Deep—Hot Chip choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
Kathryn McCormick and Jonathan “Legacy” Perez danced a Viennese Waltz to the song “Your Guardian Angel” The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Don't You Fake It - Your Guardian Angel—The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus choreographed by Jean-Marc GĂ©nĂ©reux and France GĂ©nĂ©reux
Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley danced a Tango to the song “Montserrat” Orquesta del Plata - Bajofondo Tango Club - Montserrat—Orquesta del Plata choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley danced a Hip-Hop to the song “Moving Mountains” Usher - Here I Stand (Deluxe Version) - Moving Mountains—Usher choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson
Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras danced a Hip-Hop to the song “Ring-a-Ling” Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) - Ring-a-Ling—Black Eyed Peas choreographed by Jamal Sims
Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras danced a Can-Can to the song “Cancan Suite” —Offenbach/Ponchielli choreographed by Tyce DiOrio
Noelle Marsh and Russell Ferguson danced a Samba to the song “Hips Don’t Lie” Shakira - Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 - Hips Don't Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean)—Shakira choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Noelle Marsh and Russell Ferguson danced a Contemporary to the song “A Case of You” Diana Krall - Live in Paris - A Case of You—Diana Krall choreographed by Tyce DiOrio
Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr danced a Lyrical Jazz to the song “Time Flies” Lykke Li - Youth Novels (Special Edition) - Time Flies—Lykke Li choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr danced a Cha-Cha to the song “Cha Cha Heels” (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) Rosabel Featuring Jeanie Tracy - Cha Cha Heels - EP - Cha Cha Heels—
Rosabel feat. Jeanie Tracy choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux and France Généreux

Also, take a look back at all the previous SYTYCD 2009 music.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?