Stand out Dancers on SYTYCD 6

Today I was thinking about the SYTYCD 6 top 10. It’s really one of my favorite parts of any season since I love to see things mixed up. The new pairings are always interesting to see. Plus, dancers that were relying on their partners are exposed or revealed as stars of their own. Of course, it’s always great to get the judges out of the voting and leave it up to America’s votes. I don’t always agree with America, but they/we usually do a pretty good job.

As I was considering the SYTYCD top 10 I was trying to think which dancers would be my favorites. I think it’s a bad sign that I mostly remember those dancers that were in trouble. Is it because the other dancers have had so few wow moments for me? This is really odd for me since I have actually loved the choreography and performances the past few weeks. I just wonder why none of the dancers have really stood out for me. Does anyone else feel this way?