Longer Dances on SYTYCD

I’ve been thinking what SYTYCD could do to help to spotlight the dancers more and help us to have a favorite dancer even more. Sure I love the show even when I don’t have a favorite, but I think that season 2 was likely the best season because Benji, Travis, Donyelle, Heidi and even Allison were the favorite of many.

What do you think about having them do a longer performance? Seems like they’d have more of a chance to tell a story with their dancing if they had longer routines.
Also, there’s no doubt that longer solos would be nice for this also. With the solos as short as they are they are useless. They always feel rushed or frantic or just leave you lacking. Let’s lengthen them out. I think if they did that, it would expose some of the weaker dancers as well.

Also, what about a “battle dance” where all of them are dancing in succession or something. No planning. A surprise song. Just feeling the music and showing off what you got. Would be really entertaining to watch and see their raw and real dancing.

What do you think?