*updated* Top 10 Spoilers

I’m getting ready for finals, like our friend Trandrew over at SYTYCDISM (kudos to them for staying up on these spoilers) so I’ll make this fast…

*spoilers after the jump*

each couple is doing 2 dances and all 10 dancers are doing solos

Jakob & Ellenore – Contemporary (Sonya Tayeh yay!), Quickstep (Tony and Melanie)
this is the partnership everyone has been waiting for, I’ll be shocked if they don’t do well in both routine (even the dreaded quickstep, somehow I think they’ll find a way to pull it out)

Nathan & Kathryn – Broadway (Spencer Liff yay!), Rumba (Tony and Melanie)
I actually really like this pairing, something feels right about this one. They may have some issues with the rumba, since it’s a passionate dance in need of chemistry, something that may be tough to come by as a new partnership. I LOVE that Spencer Liff is back again, he hit a home run with Ryan and Ellenore and I think he’s gonna do it again with N&K

Russell & Mollee – Jazz (Mandy Moore), Jive (Pasha and Anya, yay!)
I think Mandy Moore will create something that works for both of them. Russell showed a lot of promise in ballroom during Vegas and in his foxtrot(s) so I’m interested to see how he does with a more up-tempo style like the jive, and we all know that with Pasha and Anya, it will be up-tempo and Mollee will have to be sexy, definitely.

Legacy & Ashleigh – Contemporary (Gary Stuart), Hip Hop (Dave Scott)
I think they’ll do well with the contemporary (don’t know anything about the new choreographer, let us know if you do). I’m worried about the hip hop, Dave’s work is way different from Napoleon and Tabitha, whose work seemed to fit Ashleigh really well. We shall see I guess…

Ryan & Noelle – Waltz (JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki), Hip Hop (NappyTabs)
I’m excited for this pair, Noelle is very different from Ellenore and I think it will bring a new vibe to their partnership. I know both of them are probably eager to change people’s minds during the hip hop because neither of them did that well last time they each did it.

Agreements? Disagreements? Can’t wait for tonight!