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SYTYCD Top 10 Power Rankings

To me, it seems pretty clear who should go this week. Except…because it seems “easy” this week, I wonder if America will feel differently or be polarized. Vote to keep your favorites in! No more Kherringtons! I was thinking we’d probably have a male winner this year (we’ve been alternating the last few…) because the guys seemed way stronger at first, what with Jakob and Russell in particular. But these girls are amazing!

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Vote for Who’s Going Home Tomorrow on SYTYCD

I just posted the poll to vote on the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6. However, I thought it would also be interesting to have 2 polls to see which girl you think will be going home tomorrow and which guy will be going home as well. So, let your vote be known and let’s see how good we are at predicting who will be sent home on tomorrow’s SYTYCD elimination show.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Vote for the Winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

Seems like now would be a good time to vote for who you think will be the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6. We’re down to the top 10 dancers and America’s vote is all that counts. Plus, now we get to start voting for individuals. So, let’s see who readers of Pure SYTYCD think will be the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD Top 10 Performance Thoughts

Let me get right into this, because I feel like we kinda dived RIGHT into the show from the very beginning (i.e. why aren’t we getting to see video packages about the new partnerships??)…

-Judging by our poll earlier today, everybody underestimated Noelle and Ryan (including me). They only got one vote for the couple that would fare the best this week. And yeah, it’s early in the show, but that Nappytabs routine was HOT! And yes, they did have terrific chemistry. I feel like we saw an entirely different side of both of them and I’m with Mary – super excited to see their next routine together tonight.

-No offense to Gary Stuart, but that was contemporary? It looked waaay more like hip hop. Which is probably why Nigel had to explain his style. While I admired many parts of that routine, it kinda bored me. It seemed more about tricks rather than substance. And it seemed like Ashleigh was lifting Legacy rather than him ever lifting her. Oddly, despite all those negative comments, I was pretty proud of both of them. They “just attack[ed],” as Adam said (sorta). But I feel like this was another instance of the judges trying to “fix” a weird/hard to understand/boring routine with their comments.

-Of course Mollee has to talk about being in HSM. I mean, how do you not? But I was somehow a bit disappointed… Her brother was really cute talking about his awesome sister.

-I loved seeing Russell’s parents talk about his dancing and watching him on t.v. So cute. And Russell killed his solo! He had so much attitude and confidence out there. Awesome.

-Just as I hoped, Kathryn made a man out of that mancub! She grew him up! She’s only a year older, but she dances with so much more maturity than he’s shown so far. I loved watching them in this Spencer Liff Broadway routine. It was so fun and cute and ON. But I kept thinking, “Heavenly” about Kathryn. She is a dream. She kept reminding me of Rose McGowan in this routine, for some reason.

-Noelle’s solo was great and I loved her interview, finding out about her trying out for Season 5 and what it took to audition again and graduate school. Love her.

-That was a BIG scream for Ryan right before the commercial. 🙂

-Elleanore and Jakob’s quickstep was cute and entertaining, but I’m glad this routine was first so they can kill it with something a bit more charismatic at the end. 🙂 I think they did admirably and quickstep is just hard to enjoy sometimes. But I thought Tony & Melanie had a funny concept staging it like a ballroom competition.

-Hmmm. Ryan’s solo was one thin shirt away from a cheesy Chippendale’s act. Love him, but that was really…not the best use of his skills. But maybe this illustrates the difficulty ballroom dancers have with the solos.

-Kathryn’s solo was a lot of fun. Loved the song. She’s from Georgia like me! 🙂

-Mandy Moore loves her 80s music. I thought both Mollee and Russell were dancing well, but I disagreed with the judges about there chemistry. I think they have it and they’ll be able to show it more later. BUT, I didn’t feel it so much in this routine because it seemed like they were kinda performing separately. Maybe you disagree with me. But I did love that crazy, unexpected lift near the end that Nigel mentioned.

-Adam cracks me up. Loose quote – “I need medical attention after that. Please don’t dance so well in the future.” 🙂

-Wow, Nathan was really close to tears after his solo (pretty solid), which was strange since Cat was talking about someone being eliminated tomorrow while holding onto him and he looked so upset you’d almost think he just got cut. But I could totally see where he was coming from.

-I love the Noelle/Ryan partnership as much as the judges do (Adam called them a “power partnership”) and that was certainly gorgeous. It was really dreamy… It didn’t have as much pizazz their hip hop. I thought Nigel actually described it very well when he said they were like the prince and princess at the end of a Disney movie falling in love.

-Elleanore’s sole was kick ass!!! She is always quirky and interesting and strong.

-Man, I disagreed with the judges on this Ashleigh & Legacy routine as well. I actually liked this one better than the Gary Stuart and felt that if one of these two choreographers should have been called to task, it should’ve been Gary Stuart rather than Dave Scott. I think the routine would have been amazing with different dancers. I liked them okay in it – they had a lot of character and personality where they might not have been in sync. I felt like two things really hurt this routine – and it’s going to sound like I’m contradicting myself here. First, the more major production on the larger stage (flames in the background, etc.) was distracting and second, I would’ve liked to have seen the idea behind this routine (vampire?) and the two discovering their partnership. This is the weakest new partnership to me by far.

-I could see the weaknesses of Kathryn & Nathan’s rumba, but I still somehow enjoyed it. I think Kathryn was a huge part of that cause she was all in. But Nathan was strong and I think he not only supporter her, but showed that he’s building his repertoire and learning with every dance. I think this was a pretty successful new couple, but I did prefer their other routine. Hope to see them dance together again.

-Wow, was that a standing ovation (or something close?) after Legacy’s solo. It was pretty cool, but I actually enjoyed Russell and Elleanore’s solos much better. His dad and Cat were pretty funny. “Are you busting a move?”

-The moment I’ve been waiting for! THIS was why I was glad the quickstep was first, so that we could be left with this memory of Ellenore & Jakob. This combined some of my favorite things: Oona & Dave, Sonya, Jakob and Elleanore. Amazing!!!! Now that sounded like a standing ovation and yes, yes it was. I loved that this is now the 3rd Sonya routine that Nigel has claimed as his favorite this season. Loved that Adam mentioned “The Garden” routine from Courtney and Mark. And then the judges standing and clapping for them together. Brilliant! Who else thinks these two are gonna be in the Top 4?

-Ashleigh finally came to play with her solo! That was pretty awesome and had a lot of personality. Not to mention, speed. But…was the harsh lipstick back? And I would’ve liked to have heard about something else rather than her illness growing up, since we’ve heard about it before. But it was good to see her mom talk about it and I guess she can’t talk about Ryan. But, there’s got to be something else we can learn about her? Great solo, though.

-This Anya & Pasha jive was perfect for Mollee & Russell and I agree with Nigel that it must’ve sucked to follow Elleanore & Jakob and they did a great job doing it. It had a couple awkward “setting up” instances, I think, but was really fun and high-energy and I’m loving this new partnership, too. I agree that Mollee’s grown up a lot in the last week or so. At least, her dancing has. And Russell rocks. They had another interesting arm lift/twirl/whatever at the end of this one, too, which was kinda strange and cool.

-Jakob’s solo was good, but not the strongest of the night. 🙂 But that’s okay.

Overall, I really missed the “packages” where we got to see the new partnerships develop, but I imagine there was just too much to do in this one episode, especially considering they were preceded by President Obama’s Address to the Nation. I hope we get to see a little of them tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing Quest Crew and what happens tomorrow.

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SYTYCD Top 10 Performance Music

I’m excited to see Season6’s Top 10 perform in their new couples tonight. And, I’m super excited to see this Sonya routine to the full-length version of Oona and Dave Tweedie’s song “Tore My Heart.” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart I think we have good things in store tonight.

Nappytabs hip hop (Noelle & Ryan): “Give It To Me Right” Melanie Fiona - The Bridge - Give It to Me Right-Melanie Fiona

Gary Stuart contemporary (Ashleigh & Legacy): “Poison” The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation - Poison-The Prodigy

Mollee’s solo: “Rock the Beat” LMFAO - Party Rock - Rock the Beat-LM*AO

Russell’s solo: “Outros” Black Milk - Sound of the City - Outro-Black Milk

Spencer Liff Broadway (Kathryn & Nathan): “Choreography” -Danny Kaye (not on iTunes that I saw)

Noelle’s solo: “Everytime It Rains” Charlotte Martin - On Your Shore - Every Time It Rains-Charlotte Martin

Tony & Melanie quickstep (Elleanore & Jakob): “Four Brothers” Manhattan Transfer - The Very Best of the Manhattan Transfer - Four Brothers-Manhattan Transfer

Ryan’s solo: “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Scorpions - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane-Scorpion

Kathryn’s solo: “Beautiful” Bethany Dillon - Bethany Dillon - Beautiful-Bethany Dillon

Mandy Moore lyrical jazz (Mollee & Russell): “It Must Have Been Love” Roxette - The Ballad Hits - It Must Have Been Love-Roxette

Nathan’s solo: “Golden Train” Justin Nozuka - Holly - Golden Train-Justin Nozuka

JT and Tomas smooth waltz (Noelle & Ryan): “Jeaux d’eau” Cirque du Soleil - O - Jeux d'eau-Cirque du Soleil O Soundtrack

Elleanore’s solo: “Beatbox Harmonica” Yuri Lane - Yuri Lane: Human Beatbox - Beatbox Harmonica-Yuri Lane

Dave Scott hip hop (Ashleigh & Legacy): “Slow Down” Bobby Valentino - Slow Down - Single - Slow Down-Bobby Valentino

Tony & Melanie rumba (Kathryn & Nathan): “Walk On By” Aretha Franklin - Bandits - Walk On By-Aretha Franklin

Legacy’s solo: “No Air” Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - Jordin Sparks - No Air-Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Sonya Tayeh contemporary (Elleanore & Jakob): “Tore My Heart” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart -OONA & Dave Tweedie

Ashleigh’s solo: “Batucada Por Favor” Bob Azzam - A Night At the Jazz Rooms - Compiled By Russ Dewbury - Batucada Por Favor-Bob Azzam

Anya & Pasha jive (Mollee & Russell): “Land of 1,000 Dances” Jimmy Barnes - Raw - Land of 1,000 Dances-Jimmy Barnes

Jakob’s solo: “Always Midnight” acoustic Pat Monahan - Last of Seven Acoustic - Always Midnight-Pat Monahan

While President Obama’s address is going on and before I can get the music put up, you can check out all the previous SYTYCD music here.

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Dave and Oona on SYTYCD Tonight!

UPDATE: Here’s the full version of Oona’s “Tore My Heart” on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart that was just posted.

Our readers are so smart and on it, as I was just telling John earlier today. On the 28th, Andrea wrote a comment on the Dear Dave Tweedie post to tell us:

Just heard a full length version of “Tore My Heart.” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart Loved it! Make sure to watch this Tuesdays SYTYCD. The fans of Dave Tweedie and Oona will be pleased.

Today, Oona and Dave sent a message to John to say:

“TORE MY HEART” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart will be featured tonight on SYTYCD – in a dance choreographed by Sonya Tayeh – not just the snippet previously released, but the full-length version.

We’ll be releasing TORE MY HEART in its full-length glory on iTunes – it should be up no later than tomorrow. Please direct traffic to – we’ll keep you updated…

Just, you know, thought you might be interested
Oona & Dave

You can be sure that I’ll be keeping my ears peeled tonight and will link to the song on iTunes as soon as it becomes available! Thank so much to Andrea for the head’s up and to Oona and Dave for continuing to keep us in the loop. We love y’all and hope to see lots more full length tunes on the show!
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*SPOILER* POLL – Which New SYTYCD Couple Will Fare Best This Week?

I just noticed that three of our top 5 girls have double ls in their names (Elleanore, Mollee, Noelle). Odd, huh? This is the first week we’ll have new couples. We all saw that Kathryn and Legacy were a surprisingly strong couple. I loved the Elleanore and Ryan partnership and Noelle and Russell had great chemistry. Ashleigh surprised me (and a lot of us) in her partnership with Jakob. Mollee and Nathan really seem to be the only ones who made it through mostly only their own individual strengths rather than the strength of their partnership. I think the former partnerships gave us a chance to fall for specific dancers.

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