Dave and Oona on SYTYCD Tonight!

UPDATE: Here’s the full version of Oona’s “Tore My Heart” on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart that was just posted.

Our readers are so smart and on it, as I was just telling John earlier today. On the 28th, Andrea wrote a comment on the Dear Dave Tweedie post to tell us:

Just heard a full length version of “Tore My Heart.” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart Loved it! Make sure to watch this Tuesdays SYTYCD. The fans of Dave Tweedie and Oona will be pleased.

Today, Oona and Dave sent a message to John to say:

“TORE MY HEART” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart will be featured tonight on SYTYCD – in a dance choreographed by Sonya Tayeh – not just the snippet previously released, but the full-length version.

We’ll be releasing TORE MY HEART in its full-length glory on iTunes – it should be up no later than tomorrow. Please direct traffic to www.oonamusic.com – we’ll keep you updated…

Just, you know, thought you might be interested
Oona & Dave

You can be sure that I’ll be keeping my ears peeled tonight and will link to the song on iTunes as soon as it becomes available! Thank so much to Andrea for the head’s up and to Oona and Dave for continuing to keep us in the loop. We love y’all and hope to see lots more full length tunes on the show!