*SPOILER* POLL – Which New SYTYCD Couple Will Fare Best This Week?

I just noticed that three of our top 5 girls have double ls in their names (Elleanore, Mollee, Noelle). Odd, huh? This is the first week we’ll have new couples. We all saw that Kathryn and Legacy were a surprisingly strong couple. I loved the Elleanore and Ryan partnership and Noelle and Russell had great chemistry. Ashleigh surprised me (and a lot of us) in her partnership with Jakob. Mollee and Nathan really seem to be the only ones who made it through mostly only their own individual strengths rather than the strength of their partnership. I think the former partnerships gave us a chance to fall for specific dancers.

What do you think?

Did Ashleigh and Legacy learn enough from their “stronger” partners to be good partners to each other? Will Mollee have great chemistry with Russell as her best friend did? Will Kathryn bring out the more mature dancer in Nathan? Will Noelle and Ryan have chemistry with each other as they did with Russell and Elleanore? Will Elleanore and Jakob, two gifted and extraordinary dancers, balance each other out?

We’ll have to see tonight, but I hope you’ll vote in our poll and give us your thoughts in the comments in the meantime. Check out Margaret’s  Top 10 spoiler post to help you decide.