SYTYCD Top 10 Power Rankings

To me, it seems pretty clear who should go this week. Except…because it seems “easy” this week, I wonder if America will feel differently or be polarized. Vote to keep your favorites in! No more Kherringtons! I was thinking we’d probably have a male winner this year (we’ve been alternating the last few…) because the guys seemed way stronger at first, what with Jakob and Russell in particular. But these girls are amazing!

Girls –

1. Ellenore had an amazing night. I’ve been loving her for a while, but it seems like (and I don’t know that this is true) she hasn’t had much of a following. But then, she and Jakob ranked top in our poll earlier today. She had an amazing solo, a not-too-shabby quickstep and probably the most memorable routine of the night with that Sonya contemporary. All I could think was that she and Jakob have got to be in the Top 4. Got to.

2. Noelle had a great night, too. Her solo was solid and he judges were certainly feeling her hip hop and waltz with Ryan and I was too. Especially the hip hop. Only thing is…has America warmed up to her? And a smooth waltz? And their hip hop was the first routine, waaaaay at the beginning of the night. For me, she is here, in the #2 place. We’ll see you YOU feel.

3. Kathryn is still my favorite and she performed wonderfully tonight. While her solo didn’t smoke everybody else (especially Elleanore and even Ashleigh), she was really strong in both the Broadway and the rumba.  Nathan might not have been the strongest partner for her, but I think they really brought great things out in each other. Regardless, she’s phenomenal and I think she started picking up a huge following in her partnership with Legacy.

4. Mollee’s enormous fan base may been she’s not as low as #4 in votes (maybe Noelle or Kathryn will drop to this place), but I think her performances put her here. She had a great night. You could see a lot of visible growth and I don’t want her to go anywhere. Her solo was lackluster tonight, probably because she wasn’t fighting for her life. I liked her chemistry with Russell a lot, but neither the lyrical jazz or the jive felt completely “done.” I think they will be by the time we see them on the tour, for sure. But there were some awkward, draggy moments where Mollee was setting up for a trick or lift. That being said, I really, really enjoyed the jive and I don’t want Mollee to go home just yet.

5. Now, Ashleigh’s solo was “fight for your life” caliber. She really impressed me with that. But she and Legacy had two bad/off routines tonight and while some of that can be attributed to the luck of the draw and the choreography, I truly believe two different dancers would have KILLED that Dave Scott routine. I think Ashleigh’s gonna go home tomorrow night. :'(

Boys –

1. Jakob had an amazing night. Can anybody doubt that? His solo wasn’t that strong, but it didn’t matter. He’s been strong all season and had a PHENOMENAL Sonya piece with Elleanore. Even if he’d screwed up in every other way tonight (which he totally didn’t), I think he’d be safe. And probably #1, too.

2. Russell is amazing. His solo kicked booty. It was so aggressive and in your face, but in a really joyful way. Follow me? And while I felt that his lyrical jazz and jive with Mollee were occasionally awkward, I mostly felt that was on Mollee’s part and not his. He’s been doing such a great job so far this season.

3. Nathan has a big following. His solo tonight was pretty strong and his Broadway with Kathryn was adorable. While the rumba was not as awesome, I think he carried himself pretty well. I think he can breathe easy for this week. We’ll see…

4. Ryan had an ATROCIOUS solo tonight. I thought my “one thin shirt away from a Chippendale’s routine” quip was actually pretty apt as a description. I LOVED his Nappytabs hip hop with Noelle, but it was all the way at the beginning of the night while they’re quieter, less spectacular smooth waltz was later. I hope he stays at least one more week.

5. I didn’t like Legacy’s solo tonight as much as others (like Russell’s tonight, for instance, or other Legacy solos) and he had too pretty weak (the weakest of the night, in my opinion) routines with Ashleigh. They don’t have their “stronger partners” anymore and I think being paired together right of the gate, plus the luck of the draw, might have done them in. I think he’ll be the guy to go tomorrow, along with Ashleigh for the girls.

But, John pointed out that he’s glad Legacy’s in the Top 10 because his solo on the tour will be amazing. And that was the point, I think. Ashleigh had some great routines with Jakob she’ll get to perform on tour AND she’ll get to travel with her husband. So, it’s not the end of the road, even if they’ll face the sad departure music tomorrow night.

I may be wrong. I’m calling my personal Top 4 as Jakob, Kathryn, Russell and Ellenore and while I suspect people might vote differently from how well or poorly I feel the dancers performed tonight, I’m sticking to my power ranking. What do you think?