SYTYCD Top 10 Results Thoughts

Well…no Season 5 Top 10. Sorry for that one, y’all. My bad. Must be next week. I’m a bit bummed after tonight’s show. Not just the results, but also finding out there are only two more weeks of Season 6. The finale is going to be between 6 dancers, which seems a bit…much… The results are going to be very strange, I think, because we won’t have gotten to see them dance as many routines over an extended amount of time like in previous seasons. And how long is this finale going to be? Cause if it’s only 2 hours with 6 final dancers… that seems really unfair and like a total gip, really.

As for the rest of my thoughts…

-I loved the Tyce Diorio routine. It was a lot of Jakob, to be sure. 🙂 But Russell got some face time, too. Loved the stuff on the fence, but I honestly don’t know how I feel about that Ashleigh-Ryan married kiss. Kisses are always fun, but I dunno…

-Cat made me laugh when she said she couldn’t walk very fast in that skintight dress.

-I was glad that Ellenore was safe. Wasn’t surprised that Mollee was safe, was okay with that. But I hated hearing Noelle and then Kathryn! were in the Bottom 2, which made Ashleigh safe. I knew then that no matter what happened, I was gonna be sad tonight. While I’ve come to like Ashleigh better over the last few weeks, I liked the other girls else a lot better.

-Was not surprised that Ryan was in the Bottom 2 and not surprised that Russell is safe (he and Cat made me laugh for sure when she said “You’ll have to look at me” and he gave an uber cheesy and cute smile). Again, not surprised that Jakob is safe (that was a BIG cheer from the girls). Not terribly surprised that Nathan was in the Bottom 2 and that Legacy was safe, but it did mean I was ENTIRELY wrong in my Top 10 Power Rankings. 🙂 A lot of you called it, though.

-LOVED the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers!!! 🙂 That was my favorite guest dance troupe all season. Maybe any season. LOVED them!! Those three simultaneous side by side whatever they weres were amazing. Amazing!

-Everybody danced the same solos except for Nathan. I was really proud of him for that, for showing off a new solo.

-I’m not a big fan of Snoop Dogg, so it was awesome for me to have something to focus on while he was performing. Quest rocked!!! Loved seeing Dom and Hok again.

-Kinda had a feeling Noelle was leaving when the Bottom 2 was announced. And while I was really glad Kathryn’s sticking around, I’m really sad Noelle won’t be on next week. It was awesome to see how positive she was, though.

-I think Nathan was probably the right choice, but I did really enjoy him and I feel like he learned a lot on the show. It’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

I was glad that Nigel pointed out that people aren’t voting AGAINST particular dancers, but FOR others. While in some ways, it’s the same thing…it isn’t. This has been a great season and I’ve enjoyed what every single dancer has added to it. It’s going to be strange to have a Top 6, but I guess it kinda makes sense because it’s gonna be hard to decide who to keep every week. I have a feeling I know who’s going next week… But I’ve been wrong before. 🙂