Some Dizzy Feet Gala Benefit Videos

We’ve posted a couple of times before about the Dizzy Feet Gala Benefit to raise money for dancers. I loved the write ups about the event and wish that I could have been there myself. Well, this weekend I finally had a few free moments to catch up on some of the various video footage of the Dizzy Feet event. Here’s just a couple that I enjoyed.

Most of the Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance performances:

A great set of videos on the “red carpet” with the dancers talking about why they are happy to support the Dizzy Feet foundation.

I’m really impressed with what they were able to put together and the number of people that they could get to perform at this event. I’d be interested to know how well the event did at raising money. I personally don’t think that Dizzy Feet foundation is doing enough for those dancers who have no dance experience. Sure, I love that they are supporting those dancers who want higher level training. However, I’d love to see them do more outreach to those who have had little or no formal training. In the future, I hope to possibly partner with Dizzy Feet to be able to address this issue.