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Winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Jakob Karr

I think it’s quite clear that Jakob Karr will be the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6. I honestly don’t even think it’s close. I’ll be utterly shocked if he doesn’t win. Jakob is following in the long line of contemporary guys starting with Travis, then Danny, Will, and Brandon. They were all incredibly technicians and could nail the technical aspects of dancing. However, all of them on that list fell a little short in the humility and/or performance part of dancing, except for Jakob. Jakob has a wonderful appeal to him. Only Travis came close to him in that department. I’ve also been really impressed with Jakob’s engaged, but humble attitude throughout the show. I think America really responds to it and will vote him the winner of SYTYCD.

I’m amazed I’m saying this, because for some reason Jakob was near the bottom of my list of dancers at the beginning. I just could never really get into his performances. Maybe I like a little bit of rawness and imperfection in my dancers. Maybe I’m like Nigel and I like my male dancers to be more masculine (I’m sure that will make some mad, but it’s how I feel). I don’t know, I just wasn’t into him at all. I’m still not a HUGE fan of Jakob like most people, but he’s kind of grown on me. I’ll even be happy if he wins SYTYCD.

My personal biases aside, I’m willing to predict right now that Jakob Karr will be the winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 6.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD Twitter Round Up

It’s that time again for me to go around and highlight some of the most interesting tweets from throughout the SYTYCD twittersphere. If you don’t know what twitter is, then come out of your hole and look around. Basically, it’s a great way to stalk your favorite dancer. AHHH…did I say that out loud? Ok, don’t do that, it’s illegal and wrong. What is right is for you to follow your favorite dancer on Twitter and see where you might be able to see them dance again.

Ok, enough about that. First some plugs for our SYTYCD twitter page to see the list of all the twitter accounts for people that have been or are on SYTYCD. Also, check out the Twitter list links for some of the latest news from those on the show now or the choreographers.

Now, on to my snide remarks alongside some interesting tweets…

PaulineMata Can’t wait to see my SYTYCD family!!! \\\<3///
We can’t wait to see you either Pauline. You were sent home far too early.

NAPPYTABS Wrapping the photo shoot! Thanks again to Celestina, Chelsie, Jason, Mandy, Chelsea, Courtney, & D-Trix.
Hey @NAPPYTABS Where’s the love? No invite for me to be at the photoshoot. I see how it is. Ok, I’ll admit that Chelsie Hightower is much hotter than I.

sparks5678 Watch so u think u can dance tonight I did a number with russel and Ashley. I need feed back!!!
Your wish is my command. I loved your old school Hip Hop. This was the best routine I’ve seen from you in a while. Too bad we didn’t get to see Ashley shake her thing.

NAPPYTABS Okay Dancers, the Cirque gig was mainly for Las Vegas peeps, but if you want to move to Las Vegas if you make the show?!
I thought about saying I was a dancer just so I could get a chance to meet NAPPYTABS in Vegas. However, that just felt wrong. However, I thought maybe some other Las Vegas dancers read this website and would want to know. Looks like @laurengottlieb is working with @NAPPYTABS on this Cirque show. An Elvis show…sounds interesting huh?

dizzyfeet We have been nominated for a Peoples Choice Award. Please go to and vote for SYTYCD.
I encourage this type of voting. I’m surprised that Nigel didn’t mention it on the show tonight when all the judges turned into politicians asking for votes.

NAPPYTABS RT @amandareza Carrie Underwood Special…did you guys choreograph something on it? – Yes, we did Cowboy Cassonva & Guys Like You.
WOW!! They’ve Gone Country….I’d never have guessed that.

NAPPYTABS We have to say Ellenore was a real trooper & sucked it up this week! She tore her rotater cuff, got a shot & decided to perform.
NAPPYTABS And let me say, her performance was amazing! Lucky for Tabitha…because she was gonna have to dance if Ellenore wasn’t so tough!
This is an interesting note. Ellenore was hurt too. Why’d they let her dance through and not Ashleigh. Granted, it’s a different injury and maybe less time to find a replacement? I still adored Ashleigh tonight. She was so cute on stage when she talked about wanting to dance. Although, from the above tweets I’m mostly disappointed that we didn’t get to see Tabitha dance. I would have LOVED to see Tabitha and Legacy do that routine. Although, even more than that I’m rooting for a Tabitha and Napoleon duet on some future SYTYCD. That would be AMAZING!!

MollsGrayy enjoying some celine dion with @kathrynrmcc and @jakobakarr … jakob’s true talent is belting celine songs 🙂 haha. love it.
Sounds like Jakob Karr is heading for American Idol after SYTYCD.

MelissaSandvig 3 nutcrackers, 3 flights this weekend. Hopefully everything goes without a hitch.
Wow! That’s a lot of nut cracking. I also love that the link goes to Melissa’s Facebook page where it says “Melissa Sandvig (Naughty Ballerina)”

CaitlinKinney27 Jeans shopping with my man 🙂 then church then ice skating!! It’s a good day!
Every man’s dream.

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SYTYCD Top 8 Power Rankings

I predict an “easy” solution to a very hard choice for next week’s unprecedented Top 6. Maybe I’m all wrong – you’ll have to let me know what you think. But here are my predictions for tomorrow night’s results…

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SYTYCD Top 8 Performance Thoughts

It’s not that far into the show, but I’m already getting the feeling that the couples I worried about having chemistry aren’t gonna do so badly afterall. My thoughts, as they happened:

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SYTYCD Christmas

I was writing the title to this post to talk about the various SYTYCD related Christmas gifts (check them out and buy them for your friends). Then, as I looked at the title and thought, “How COOL would it be if they did a SYTYCD Christmas show?”

Yes, SYTYCD Christmas could be an amazing show featuring many of our favorite dancers from previous seasons. Imagine all the amazing dancing to all sorts of amazing Christmas music. It would be a new highlight of my Christmas Holidays. Are you listening Nigel? That’s all I want for Christmas….A So You Think You Can Dance Christmas special.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD Top 8 Performance Music

The last performance episode before Top 6. I wonder if we’ll hear any music tonight as great as Oona and Dave’s “Tore My Heart” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart from last week.

Doreana Sanchez disco (Kathryn & Ryan): “Last Dance” Donna Summer - Greatest Hits - Last Dance-Donna Summer (Samantha Ronson remix isn’t on iTunes yet, and honestly, I couldn’t hear how it was different from the original, so that’s what I linked to for the moment).

Jason Gilkyson Viennese waltz (Mollee & Jakob): “Ordinary Day” Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody - Ordinary Day-Vanessa Carlton

Travis Wall contemporary (Ellenore & Legacy): “Machine Gun” Portishead - Third - Machine Gun-Portishead

Jakob’s solo: “When You Say My Name” Mario Spinetti - [1/1] - When You Say My Name-Mario Spinetti

Shane Sparks hip hop (Ashleigh/Rachel & Russell): “Too Much Booty 2” Soundmaster T - Date Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Too Much Booty (In Da Pants)-Soundmaster T (who did the remix? It’s not on iTunes yet, so I’ve linked to the original again).

Mollee’s solo: “Heartburn” Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys - Heartburn-Alicia Keys

Jason Gilkyson cha cha (Kathryn & Ryan): “Put Your Hands On Me” Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone - Put Your Hands On Me-Joss Stone

Legacy’s solo: “Fancy Footwork” -Chromeo (did I get that artist right? didn’t see a link on iTunes)

Ellenore’s solo: “I Got the Feelin'” James Brown - 20 All Time Greatest Hits! - I Got the Feelin'-James Brown

Russell’s solo: “Holiday Buckness” James Brown - 20 All Time Greatest Hits! - I Got the Feelin'-Tha J-Squad (not on iTunes! ack!)

Joey Dowling Broadway (Mollee & Jakob): “Easy Street” Alene Robertson, Scott Willis & Shelly Burch - Annie (The Broadway Musical 30th Anniversary Cast Recording) - Easy Street-from Annie (Samantha Ronson remix not available)

Kathryn’s solo: “Shadowfeet” Brooke Fraser - Albertine - Shadowfeet-Brooke Fraser

Nappytabs hip hop: “People Are Strange” The Doors - The Very Best of the Doors (Bonus Track Version) - People Are Strange-The Doors (District 78 remix not available on iTunes)

Ryan’s solo: “Din Da Da” Kevin Aviance - Box of Chocolates - Din Da Da-Kevin Aviance

Nakul’s Bollywood: “Spirit of Rangeela” -from the Rangeela Soundtrack (didn’t find a song called “Spirit of Rangeela” on iTunes, but did find one from the Soundtrack called “Rangeela Rangeela” Sujatha, Amir Khan, Urmila - Rangeela - Rangeela Rangeela let me know how it compares, if it’s the same song)

Until we find out, you can check out all the previous SYTYCD music here.

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Tre Armstrong blogs on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Auditions

Tre Armstrong

So far, Vancouver has been the best city for returns — the comebacks. The dancers who are determined to make it into this season’s Top 20.

I like that because they’ve all gotten stronger, but it does make our job as judges more difficult!

And for Montreal

The energy has really picked up over the course of the day. The first couple of groups seemed really nervous, but as soon as they got going, the nervous energy floated away. The b-boys are always good for that — they’re so easy going in Montreal.

I’m really looking for uniqueness in this city — I want to see the next Dario, that totally different look.

I must say, the ballroom is out of this world!


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