SYTYCD Top 8 Power Rankings

I predict an “easy” solution to a very hard choice for next week’s unprecedented Top 6. Maybe I’m all wrong – you’ll have to let me know what you think. But here are my predictions for tomorrow night’s results…

Girls –

1. Mollee had two hits tonight, an impeccable chemistry with Jakob and a solid solo. It was her night, as far as the girls go, at least in consistency. She has come light years from where she was at the beginning and I’m completely in love with her partnership with Jakob. I want to see them dance together more!!!

2. Ellenore had the most phenomenal routine of the night – the Travis Wall contemporary with Legacy. While it was their first routine and the hip hop wasn’t as big of a hit, it was HIGHLY memorable. I’m glad that she had such a great routine so she could show herself off to best advantage. I liked her solo, as usual, and I did enjoy the hip hop, so she had a good night, in my opinion.

3. Kathryn and Ryan killed that cha cha! She was incredibly sexy and strong, out of her style. I only wished they’d had that chemistry in their disco (or another routine entirely – not a fan of disco). But her solo was strong and that cha cha gave that exceptional Travis Wall a run for its money. Plus, it got a standing O from the audience.

4. Ashleigh was completely adorable as she was begging to dance and I’ve really come to appreciate her. Ryan’s appeal on her behalf was a wonderful moment. But, when it comes down to it, we didn’t get to see her dance tonight. And while I would’ve loved to see her with Russell in the hip hop and Bollywood, it just gives us an “easy” way to make a really hard decision. And as much as it sucks for her, it’s the result I wanted last week anyway. Kathryn and Ellenore are my favorite and Mollee had a phenomenal night. I think it’s time for Ashleigh to go. :'(

Boys –

1. Jakob had two incredible routines, great chemistry with Mollee, his usually strong solo and a great track record this season.

2. Legacy’s a fan favorite and he had one amazing routine with Ellenore (that Travis Wall, whoooeeee) and a passable Nappytabs hip hop.

3. Russell not only danced with three partners this week (two on short notice, Rachel and Alisha), but he’s had to partner a replacement before (Melanie) AND he held his own with dance professionals in tough styles, especially that Bollywood. He’s had a great season. His solo was adorable.

4. Ryan is a great dancer and I LOVED that cha cha with Kathryn. I hate to put him in the bottom, but I think despite his strong routine, he’s struggled to pick up a following this season. He has atrocious solos, including tonight, and his disco was awkward and boring (I hate disco, sorry). Despite his heartfelt plea for us to vote #1 for his wife and all of the wonderful routines he’s had, I think he’s going tomorrow.

In short, I think we’re going to lose the married couple tomorrow night, for all of the reasons mentioned before and above. But I kinda feel like it’d be right for them to go the same week. Consider this article from BuddyTV posted earlier today that asks who is the better dancer between Mr. and Mrs. Di Lello (it also links to my post about Ashleigh’s lipstick). What if we never had to find out which one America likes better? I like the idea that they leave together, the same week, and I think this is the week for it. They’re in the Top 10, so they’ll go on the tour and we’ll get to see them dance together and all their best routines. That’s my choice, as hard as this “easy” choice is.