SYTYCD Top 8 Results Thoughts

I made my predictions last night and called them the “easy” solution to a hard choice. But in the meantime, I remembered how much Ashleigh’s grown on me and how many phenomenal routines Ryan’s had this season. And then, I wondered how Ryan’s plea for Ashleigh would impact whether they’d continue to the Top 6. And your comments scared me on behalf of Ellenore. I wonder what’s gonna happen tonight.

My thoughts, as the show unfolded…

-LOVE Cat’s dress tonight.

-The Sonya Top 8 group routine isn’t my favorite, but it’s pretty cool. Ashleigh’s not dancing again. My personal Top 3 (Kathryn, Ellenore and Jakob) are the front of the phalanx at one point, which was pretty cool. There’s a weird close up of each of them at the end that I liked a lot.

-The Samantha Ronson package is interesting. Especially catching Victor in that group photo at the end. I was kinda annoyed by the remixes in general last night, as they didn’t really seem to be unique songs. Nice that Samantha Ronson is a fan, though.

-Not surprised Russell’s safe and Legacy’s in the Bottom 2, though it’s not what I predicted last night. And totally not surprised Jakob’s safe and Ryan’s in the Bottom 2.

-A bit surprised that Mary took such a long moment to congratulate Russell and Jakob without addressing Cat’s question about Legacy and Ryan first. Interesting. Why is she yelling?

-Not surprised that Kathryn’s safe, but extremely relieved as she’s my favorite. But did anybody else notice that she hugs Jakob but not Russell when she makes it to the safe zone? Hmmm. Hate seeing Ellenore in the Bottom 2. Scares me. Dragging out the Mollee-Ashleigh decision makes me really afraid for Mollee and sure enough, Ashleigh is safe and Mollee is in the Bottom 2. Do not agree with that decision at all. At all.

-Like Adam’s explanation of Mollee being in the Bottom 2 and that he took care not to blame Nathan, but merely pointed out they might not have been the best couple, especially considering Mollee’s enormous growth once she changed partners. He made the Jeanine-Kathryn connection John and I have been making for a while. Since like 2nd week of Top 20. 🙂 Maybe not that soon.

-Never heard of Asia’s #1 pop group The Wonder Girls, but they’re pretty good.

-LOVE that K-Mart Christmas gift exchange video. It was really weird the discrepancy between some of the gifts and their explanations behind them. Deodorant? Really cute, though. Anybody else think that Kathryn and Ryan have a lot of chemistry? Even off the stage? Hmmm.

-Glad that they’re mentioning Season 7. I think we’re all wondering about that. Auditions in January? Does that mean they’re going back to a summer season? YAAAAAAY! I hope so.

-Legacy’s solo is pretty dramatic, but it’s still a lot of spinning on his head. Love Ellenore’s solo, also very dramatic. It’s like they both chose solo songs that were as dramatic as “Machine Gun” Portishead - Third - Machine Gun by Portishead, from their Travis Wall routine last night.

-Ryan’s solo is the same. Not as bad as his “Chippindale” solo, but not as good as Legacy and Ellenore’s. LOVE Mollee’s solo. It feels like a swansong and though I really want Ellenore to stay, I’m afraid that Mollee is going and knows it. But her solo definitely demonstrates how much she’s grown this season. Gotta respect that.

-My mom texts me during Kris Allen’s performance and says, “He’s cute.” She doesn’t watch American Idol and has no idea who he is. ;”) But then she texts me again, “And he sings well, too.”

-SO happy that Ellenore’s safe, but very sorry that it comes at the cost of Mollee. I was looking forward to seeing her dance with everybody in the finale. Man.

-Didn’t care as much about the guys, but I guess I’m glad that the Di Lellos are both in the finale if one of them is. I think Ryan might add more than Legacy. I’m still upset about losing Mollee.

There was no “easy” fix to this hard decision. But I really think we got it wrong sending Mollee home tonight. At least we know Adam will hire her, right? That’s good news. And once more, Glee is here to cheer me up…