*SYTYCD Season 6 Finale Spoilers*

hey everyone! My surgery went well, I’m confined to crutches for the next month, though, no fun. The spoilers from the finale are pretty hard to find, but the folks at SYTYCDism and IdolForums have done a great job, thanks guys!

*spoilers after the jump*

-musical performances from Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige, and Jennifer Lopez
-all the finalists will be performing solos
-because of the eligibility requirements for season 7, Brandon Dumlao and Billy Bell were unfortunately not invited back for the finale
-Kelley Abbey from Australia will be doing one of the group routines

Jakob and Kathryn-Contemporary/Ballet-Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden (might be mentioned as a pas de deux)
Jakob and Ellenore-Broadway-Tyce DiOrio
Jakob and Ashleigh-?-Jean Marc Généreux
Russell and Kathryn-Hip Hop-Napoleon and Tabitha
Russell and Ellenore-Samba*-Jason Gilkison
Russell and Ashleigh-Jazz-Sonya Tayeh
Ryan and Kathryn-Paso Doble*-Jason Gilkison
Ryan and Ellenore-Contemporary-Garry Stewart
Ryan and Ashleigh-Contemporary-Travis Wall

*=these styles might be switched

Thoughts? Can’t believe that it’s already the finale!