SYTYCD Top 6 Performance Thoughts (Final Part I)

I’m so excited for tonight’s show. But just a bit cranky, also. One hour for the Top 6 finale performances. Insane. No solos. Which, is annoying. I’m not sure how much the solos would change from what we’ve already seen. But…anybody else remember Jeanine’s finale solo from last season? I sure do.

My thoughts tonight, as they happened…

-Wow, no rehearsal packages again. I miss those so much! It’s nice to see them developing the routine and their chemistry.

-I love Kathryn and Ryan together and enjoyed the samba, but it also felt like something I’d already seen. Till Ryan tossed her onto his shoulders. That rocked and  really got my attention. So did the terror on Ryan’s face. 🙂 It seemed to suit the routine, somehow. Kathryn got the judge’s attention. “Rise of Kathryn.” 🙂 Bet Amanda loved that.

-Cat seems a little frantic. The whole pace seems frantic. WHY is this an hour? Why is Gordon Ramsay scheduled later? We need two hours, here!

-Ellenore and Jakob are great together in Broadway. So seamless and perfect that there’s not a lot of tension in the routine. I enjoy everything they’re doing, though. Ellenore’s adorable. I agree with the judges that Ellenore stood out in this one to me. I liked that Jakob is called “the most selfless partner.” Glad he got kudos for that. I’d say that title probably really goes to Ryan, though. Just in general, through the season.

-I liked and disliked Sonya’s lyrical jazz precisely because it is not her usual thing. The music was nothing like what I’ve come to expect from Sonya, nor the movement. And I really dug it on the one hand, but I’m getting tired of the whole “guardian angel”/ good vs evil motif. And especially because the girls are always the angels/guardians/good ones this season. Boring. I didn’t think that Ashleigh and Russell had that much chemistry and their lifts near the end were awkward. But, it was cool to see, regardless.

-LOVED Ellenore and Ryan in that Garry Stuart jazz, despite the purposeful stiffness and lack of emotion. I love their chemistry and Ellenore was so well suited for it. I enjoyed it a lot. Loved that Adam had to agree with both of his colleagues. Nigel didn’t get it and Mary was ready to be beamed up. 🙂

-Good seeing Ashleigh and Jakob dancing together again. It was enjoyable and they do have great chemistry together. I’m gonna get ripped a new one, I’m sure, but Jakob’s kinda meh for me tonight. I’m underwhelmed. I know he’s amazing dancer, but I haven’t see anything new or stunning from him yet. Maybe it’s because he’s so good, so smooth. Ashleigh’s not my favorite, but I enjoyed her. Except with the pointing.

-This paso doble was really strong. Though, was anybody else reminded of Jeanine/Brandon’s paso last season with that fire screen in the background? I liked this one a lot and I really enjoyed Ellenore and Russell together. Loved that last  move where Russell jump up and straddled her. Hot. Only bad thing? Ellenore’s done dancing tonight. Why were all her routines at the beginning of the show? Loved Nigel’s comment, “Where are all the shirts tonight?”

-I ADORE THIS! Kathryn and Jakob’s contemporary (I take back my meh at Jakob, at least for this routine). They attacked the crap out of that. Not only did their choreographers, Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden, but Jason Gilkison stood up for them too. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones. I agree with Nigel that they “stopped the show.” They demonstrated why I think the two of the will be the Top 2.

-Here’s the moment everyone voted for, yes? The marrieds dancing together – they lucked out with a Travis Wall contemporary. I don’t think it was his strongest routine ever, or even this season, but I do have to admit it was nice to see them dance together. I didn’t love that they were dancing contemporary, but it was nice that they got to put so much personal passion and emotion into the routine. And, sure enough, they were both crying at the end. Nigel says that Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob than her husband – them’s fighting words. Ryan wasn’t letting him get away with that. I think Nigel’s right though. Still, it was a nice moment. I agree with Adam’s comments on the tenderness of the piece. That’s really what stood out.

-Whoa! Kathryn and Russell just killed this Nappytabs hip hop. I agree with the judges that Kathryn was a total surprise. I suspected she’d do well, but she still shocked me. Did you see her face?!? Priceless. There were so many awesome moments in this piece. I’ll be re-watching it several times in the near future.

-Poor Cat! She’s almost tongue-tied trying to rush through everything at the end. WHY wasn’t this two hours? I’m glad about all the guests tomorrow, but really disappointed that they’re giving so much time to musical performances whereas our gorgeous dancers are done competing this season. I want more dances from them! At least we’ll have the group routine, right?

-My favorite routines were the last four routines. Ellenore & Russell’s paso, Kathryn & Jakob’s contemporary, the Di Lillo squared contemporary and the Kathryn & Russell hip hop. What are the common features of these four favorite routines of mine? Kathryn and Russell, baby. 🙂