SYTYCD Top 6 Power Rankings

I just don’t know, y’all. Part of me thinks this is a slam dunk for Jakob (John already proclaimed him the SYTYCD season 6 winner back on the 8th). But part of me thinks Kathryn or Ellenore might still win it. Wishful thinking? Let’s see…

1. Kathryn had a great night. While I felt like I’d already seen that samba with Ryan, I loved their chemistry and I enjoyed it a lot. Her second two routines, contemporary with Jakob and hip hop with Russell, were phenomenal. The show was early on proclaimed, “The rise of Kathryn” and Nigel several times professed his love (will that hurt her), so I think she had an amazing night. She’s had a great season, all along. She’s my pick to win, though I suspect she’ll be 2nd.

2. Jakob has had a stellar season and has a lot of fans. I think he generally had a pretty “meh” night, except for his contemporary with Kathryn. Though, I don’t think he’s had a bad routine all season and that includes tonight. I suspect he’ll take the cake, but I’m gonna put him in the #2 spot because I think Kathryn has a pretty strong chance and I’d love to see her win. She’s been picking up speed all season, whereas he’s been at the same high note the whole way. While I think he’s made a lot of growth personally and even as a dancer from his collaborations with these choreographers and Top 20 dancers, I don’t think it’s as visible as Kathryn’s trajectory.

3. Russell’s been having a great season, as well. Two injured partners and three subs, he’s demonstrated his versatility every time he’s performed. He’s likable and has memorable routines. Including his paso doble with Ellenore and that last routine, the Nappytabs hip hop. I don’t see him winning, but I think he’ll probably come in 3rd (regardless of whether my #1 and #2 are inverted, I still think he’ll be #3).

4. Ellenore had a great paso doble with Russell. It was really sexy and strong, lots of character and  personality. Her jazz with Ryan might’ve been a bit weird for some folks, but I loved it. It suited her well. And she and Jakob could be on Broadway tomorrow, in my opinion. The judges heaped a lot of attention and love on her tonight and I think she deserved every bit. She’d be my personal #2, but I suspect Russell has a bit more fan support than her and will edge her out (and I can’t ignore that Jakob is likely to win).

5. & 6. I can’t predict which of the Di Lillos will be #5 and which #6 and I don’t think it will matter much. Sometimes, I think Ryan has more of an edge because of his great partnering and his numerous memorable routines, plus his endearing plea for Ashleigh that probably kept them both in the game for Top 6. But, more often than not, I think Ashleigh will edge him out just a little bit because she had a long, strong run with Jakob and the audience opinion of her changed more dramatically than I suspect was the case for Ryan.

Big breath. That’s it. Last Power Ranking of Season 6.  And, after tonight’s performance, I still stand by my speculation about the Top 6 photo on the site and whether it predicts tomorrow’s results.