Kathryn McCormick Article

Hey everyone I just wanted to share an article about Kathryn that was published in the Metro Spirit today. The Metro Spirit is a local paper here in Augusta, Ga.

Dance off with Kathryn McCormick


AUGUSTA, GA – Kathryn McCormick has been working towards becoming “America’s favorite dancer” for more than 15 years.

McCormick, an Augusta native, performed one last time Tuesday night on “So You Think You Can Dance” and, after call-in votes, a winner will be crowned Wednesday. She is competing against five other dancers, including a married ballroom couple and a quirky contemporary dancer.

McCormick took classes at Augusta West Dance Studio from the age of eight until she left for Los Angeles more than a year ago after earning a small part in the remake of the movie “Fame.”

Megan Luquire, the owner and director of Augusta West, said thatMcCormick was always at the front of the pack when it came to the art of dance.

“She was always the student that was the most dedicated and determined,” Luquire said.

Luquire said that McCormick was always a good “technician,” but that her perfectionist tendencies sometimes got in the way of her dancing.

“I am a really firm believer in dancing from the heart,” Luquire said. “It took me about a year to break her habit of dancing so technically. To see her dance from her heart is the biggest joy.”

McCormick’s and Luquire’s hard work obviously paid off as McCormick made it into season six of the dance reality contest.

Over the course of the season, McCormick has wowed the judges, fallen into the bottom two and been introduced to dance styles that she never encountered before.

Keeping with the show’s knack for throwing dancers out of their comfort zones, contemporary dancer McCormick was paired with B-Boy Jonathan “Legacy” Perez. Luquire said that this pairing made her nervous at first, but that Perez’s encouragement calmed her fears.

“We were like, ‘What if they get ballroom?’” Luquire said. “I think the beauty in that is that Legacy told her it was going to be OK. And it ended up being a beautiful partnership.”

McCormick has performed countless routines ranging from hip-hop to Broadway during her weeks on the show. After attending Dec. 13’s taping of the show, Luquire said that she enjoyed all of the dances but that a few stuck out in her mind.

“During the taping, one routine was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said. “I also liked the Cha-Cha because it showed a side of her I’ve never seen before.”

When Luquire found out that McCormick made it on “So You Think You Can Dance,” she was “incredibly excited” for the 19-year-old dancer.

“Throughout high school she was always so close to getting first place,” she said. “Getting on to the show was a type of affirmation for her. It said, ‘I can do this for aliving.’ I’m happy that someone else saw the beauty that I see.”

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